According to VOV, musical composer, Tran Tien, has passed away because of nasopharynx cancer. He died at the age 73 after suffering from cancer in a while.

Tran Tien has confirmed that he has suffered from nasopharynx cancer in a while. Last year, Tran Tien admitted that his cancer status was in the final stage, and according to VOV, he has passed away. Nonetheless, this news quickly was denied by his family members.

His daughter and his wife posted on their social media that their husband and father is still healthy. The cancer affected his life quite decently, but the music composer still survive so far.

Last night, some reputable media source in Vietnam announced this news, but Tran Tien’s family said that their family member is still healthy and enjoy life despite suffering from cancer.

Music composer, Tran Tien, said that he felt lucky for surviving the chemo, and he said that was lucky for still being able to enjoy life.

Tran Tien was born in 1947 into a traditional entertainment family. He was not only a music composer but a singer with warm voice. Some of his famous songs include  Mặt trời bé con, Tóc gió thôi bay, Thành phố trẻ, Mẹ tôi, Cô gái Sầm Nưa xinh đẹp, Giai điệu Tổ quốc, Chiếc vòng cầu hôn,…

Once again, the news about his death was fake news. According to his family members and his colleagues, the music composer is still enjoying his life.

One of his famous songs, Tóc Gió Thôi Bay.

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