It was Natalie Desselle Reid that became the newest one to register in the list of stars who have been struggled with colon cancer before being taken lives by the traumatic disease.

Colon cancer has been a nightmare for the Hollywood world and specifically for the Hollywood stars who struggle with it. It is a tough disease that has killed a total of 53,200 lives during 2020, according to the Cancer Organization of the U.S. Chadwick Boseman is the most infamous star of the Hollywood world that has died because of colon cancer. Recently, Desselle Reid added the length to this list. Though the disease is traumatic and destructive, it continues to hunt for the lives of Hollywood stars and celebrities in the other field.

Chadwick Boseman probably is the most infamous death that was caused by colon cancer. The former star of Marvel Universe admitted that he struggled with the disease since 2016, and even though the pain was overwhelming (to some extent it was extreme), Boseman fulfilled his role as Marvel’s Black Panther. But it does not ease the pain that the disease creates. It was a nightmarish experience for Boseman when he had to fight colon cancer and at the same time filming in the studio.

Some of his friends described him as a hero for that reason. However, colon cancer does not distinguish the hero and the normal one. It kills whoever suffered from it.

For the Hollywood world, colon cancer is like karma for whoever suffered from it. Many stars died because of one common reason: colon cancer. The list includes some legendary names such as Charles M. Schulz-the creator of Peanuts, Sam Simon-creator of the infamous TV series “The Simpsons”, and Elizabeth Montgomery-the star of Bewitched. Other celebrities in other fields also struggled with colon cancer. For instance, Bobby Moore – the famous captain of England national team in the 1960s – died at the age 53 because of colon cancer.

Still, the Hollywood world suffered from the disease more than any other field.

There are so many reasons why Hollywood stars can easily be harmful by the disease. Unstable schedule, inconsistent eating time, and not enough sleep, all of these factors combine and cause the disease to Hollywood stars. Some stars simply suffered from the disease because it is on their DNA and struggling with it is inevitable. Mayo Clinic stated not all cases of colon cancer are the same, and each patient will carry different symptoms.

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Chadwick Boseman is probably the most infamous case of colon cancer in the Hollywood world. Photo: Reuters

However, colon cancer can affect a certain group of people more often than the other. The vulnerable groups that can struggle with colon cancer include elderly people, African-American people, low-fiber consumers, smokers, and alcoholics. What is so brutal about the disease is that it tackles the African-American group more often than other races. It is the only problem of being black, and it explained clearer about the death of Chadwick Boseman and Natalie Desselle Reid.

The two African-American stars from the beginning have a higher risk rate of being challenged by cancer.

Though most stars suffered from colon cancer will have a low rate of surviving, changing the living habit can extend your living time and give you an opportunity to survive the disease. Eating healthily combining with stop smoking and more exercising time will support patients postpone the development of cancer turmoil. Even if you are not suffering from it, living a healthy life is crucial in terms of tackling it from the distance.

Also, checking your health twice times a year is necessary so that you can figure whether your DNA carry the cancer potential or not. Colon cancer might sound easy to some of us, but it is the serial killer that has taken lives of so many stars. Therefore, being careful with it is not wasting at all.

Natalie Desselle Reid became the newest case of stars that died because of colon cancer, but her death is not meaningless. It rings the bell of caution to all of us.


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