Mulan was planned to be a blockbuster of Disney, but instead of paying extra cost for this movie, subscribers of Disney+ can stream the movie for free on the platform. Beforehand, it only released and served the Premier access.

An update of 1998 animated film, Mulan Live Action, is now available to be streamed down from your Disney+ account with no extra cost. Disney’s Mulan was planned to be a big plan of the company in 2020. The remake version promised to include more adult factors to the movie, including fighting scenes of Mulan. And as a result, the movie is PG-13 rating. Mulan was scheduled for this year March, but then delayed and was released in June and August instead. The Mulan movie is now free on the Disney+ platform.

Mulan is now free on Disney+. Photo: Disney+

In late summer of this year, Disney shocked the whole movie industry by announcing that the movie would forgo the traditional setting of theater. They made the movie available on Disney+ platform but added an extra cost to it. Premier access viewers have to pay $29.99 for being able to watch the movie. At the time Disney did it, Disney CEO Bob Chapek hoped that he would not have to continue to do the same thing later on.

Right now, Mulan is on Disney+ and also free to the viewers. This news came when the movie industry is observing such an interesting week. Earlier, Warner Bros. announced that all of their movie in the year of 2021 will be on the platform of HBO Max.

If the action of Warner Bros. is assumed to be a big bet, what Disney has done to Mulan is more about an adaption to new situation. Probably, after letting subscribers enjoy Mulan for free, Disney+ will also allow subscribers enjoy more films on the platform for free.


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