The annual rivalry match Michigan-Ohio State will have to postpone due to the effect of COVID-19. Members of Wolverines confirmed to get infected with the virus.

College and high school football are as competitive as professional football and the rivalry between Michigan State and Ohio State is a good example of how aggressive college and high school football could be. Nonetheless, Michigan-Ohio State derby will postpone after a member of Wolverines found to be positive with the coronavirus.

After a discussion with medical experts, health department officials and the university administration, the decision of postponing the game was confirmed.

“The number of positive tests has continued to trend in an upward direction over the last seven days,” Michigan athletic director Warde Manuel said in a statement. “We have not been cleared to participate in practice at this time.”

“This decision is disappointing for our team and coaches, but their health and safety is paramount, and it will always come first in our decision-making,” Manuel added.

Michigan’s chief medical officer, Darryl Conway, did not confirm the number of infected cases and also not announce the number of players that in close contact with infected players. The Wolverines have not fallen into the Red-Red threshold situation yet but Michigan’s Wolverines still has to enhance safety regulation of the college football administration which includes canceling the game or postponing the game.

“It became really apparent to us all that no matter how much we wanted to play the game, that we started this back in March with the goal to put the health and safety of our student-athletes, our coaches, our staff as the first priority,” Manuel said in a statement. Likely to other sportsmen, Wade enjoys watching the game of football as much as possible, but it was not the best time for sports, including football as well.

Wolverines will be tested again for the coronavirus, but they will have to cancel the trip to Ohio. Beforehand, Wolverines also had canceled the match against Maryland because of COVID-19 effect.

This scene will not be duplicated soon. Photo: AFP

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