Edison Cavani got a night for himself when he scored 2 goals for Manchester United and assisted one time which helped the Red Devils seal a victory.

Was Edison Cavani an expensive signing of Manchester United in the summer? No, he was not but he was – perhaps – the successor for the mighty number seven at Manchester United as the Uruguayan striker just scored 2 goals for the Red Devils and got 1 assist for himself. It was the eighth consecutive winning of Manchester United, and the result of the match thanks to Cavani’s rocketing performance. Obviously, Cavani did not arrive at Manchester United with high hope from the fans and from the specialists of the Red Devils. But whenever “El Matador” has a chance to perform, he plays with a passionate heart and fighting spirit.

The performance in the clash against Southampton proved the fighting fire of Cavani.

Despite the outstanding performance, Canvani is about to face a racism accusation from the FA after posting a Tweet using consent word “negro”. According to FA, though this word in Spanish simply means black color rather than any other meanings, it is a consent word in FA.

Anyway, the number. 7 striker had a powerful showcase for himself.

Cavani scored two headers to equalize for the Red Devils. Photo: Reuters

He went on the field to replace Mason Greenwood, who has a terrible display against Southampton and wasted so many chances, in the 46th minute. Cavani came in and nearly created the impact immediately. He assisted a goal for Bruno Fernandes in the 59th minute, then he scored two goals for the Red Devils in the 74 and 90+2 minutes respectively.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the coach of Manchester United, is assured with this performance of Cavani. He is happy that the player has matched his hope. Besides, Solskjaer believed that his team could make a come back.

“I was quite calm [at half-time]. It’s about not conceding another goal and getting the next one,” Solskjaer said. “There was always going to be another one in that game. We must have had five or six clear-cut chances in the game today so it was about taking them when we got the chance. It worked.”

This Thursday, Manchester United continues their season in a clash against PSG  in the UEFA Champions League. If the English side can win the game, they will earn a qualification ticket for the next round of the tournament.



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