Manchester United just got a brutal match against Leeds United. Six goals were scored by the Red Devils, but some problems still remained.

Manchester United got an incredible match against Leeds United, and honestly, everything turns out to be a perfect night for the Red Devils. The set-pieces were flawless, and so do the goals scored by Manchester United. Nothing was that bad for Manchester United about the display against Leeds United.

The Red Devils scored a total of 6 goals and only conceded 2 times. That was a good, fairly perfect, and remarkable result. With that victory, Manchester United joined the top 3 of the English Premier League and got a chance for the title race.

Nonetheless, there were few problems that remained with the squad.

Four goals scored in the first half misled the fact that Manchester United was the better team. But it is not the case. Leeds United actually possessed the ball more than United, 59% compared to 41%. That number revealed a lack of disciplined that United’s midfielder has performed.

Even against Leeds United, Manchester United could not possess the ball often and easily lose their possession to the opponent. The Red Devils won after all, but let’s imagine what might happen if we change the opponent.

Leeds lost the game, but in this spectacular situation, they showed their defensive accuracy. Photo: AFP

Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City, and other giants of European soccer won’t let Manchester United score that easily.

And remember that Leeds also had some decent chance to minimize the margin of this game in the first half. What if Leeds’ Rodrigo Moreno succeeded on his opportunity in the half time of the first half? Perhaps, Manchester United still wins the game in the end, but it would be a difficult task to achieve.

Truthfully, Scott McTominay was a little bit lucky in his first goal when his shot nearly found its way to the post instead of the back of the net. The Scottish player was classier in his second goal, but overall, it was that perfect performance of him recognizing the fact that him and his partner could not control the midfield and let Leeds has more time with the ball.

McTominay seems to have a perfect match, but it is not. Photo: AFP

Leeds had more time with the ball, and they also had more corner kicks (13 times), more successful passes (83. 3%), and more aerial duels (51. 4%). The rival of Manchester United also has more saves and no yellow card though they conceded a penalty kick at the 40th minute.

Meanwhile, Manchester United only got 77.1% of successful passes, 11 corner kicks, and 48.6% aerial duels.

Probably, we should talk about the aerial duels first. Such a low number above reflected that though Manchester United has a defender duo whose heights are both over 1, 85 meters, in terms of aerial duel, they still do badly. Victor Nilsson-Lindelof and Harry Maguire both could not stop the header goal from Leeds United, observing the big rival minimize the margin of the match.

Then in the second goal that Manchester United conceded, the defender duo once again played a role of a witness.

Luckily Manchester United dropped no points as the striking process of Manchester United worked smoothly and let the visiting team no chance of countering against them.

However, when it comes to the possession and the successful passes rate, Manchester United will have a decent amount of jobs to work on.

The top 3 is an exciting award, but in the end, it is not the endless award. Manchester United still has to fight a life-long battle.




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