UEFA Champions League (UCL) is the tournament of the big clubs in Europe, and obviously, the clash between Manchester United and PSG is a kind of big match of the UCL. Who is going to win in a game this time after Manchester United has won the first leg of the fixtures?

Occasionally, Manchester United and PSG has become a big rivalry of the European soccer after the last 16 round of the UEFA Champions League season 2018-2019. It was Manchester United who finally grabbed the victory after defeating PSG at Parc de Princes stadium in Paris. The home team was defeated because of a controversial penalty kick of Marcus Rashford and was eliminated from the tournament by the Red Devils. Perhaps, predestination exists and it leads Manchester United and PSG into another big clash – this time in the group stage of UCL season 2020-2021.

In the first leg of this clash, the English side was the one who left the game with three points. Alike to the game in the previous two season, Manchester United this time – once again – defeated PSG in their home ground. It was the match that Le Parisien was the better team. Unfortunately, Manchester United was a more precise team. They got less chance than the home team to score a goal. But when they did it, they did it twice. A concise penalty kick from the International Portuguese star Bruno Fernandes and a tremendously amazing strike from distance from Marcus Rashford were enough to help the Red Devils seal a winning in the home land of the French team.

The English side and the French side barely have any history of rivalry beforehand, but after being suffered from Manchester United twice, PSG definitely wants to defeat this opponent. However, the team from the city of Manchester will not be easy as a piece of cake for PSG.

When it comes to the UEFA Champions League, surprise is inevitable. PSG might currently have more stars and talented players, but Manchester United has the experience and charisma of a former champion.

Kylian Mbappe of Paris Saint-Germain struggled with Axel Tuanzebe of Manchester United during the clash of two teams. Photo: Getty Image

Let’s back with this question: who is going to win in this clash?

Personally, Manchester United would be the team that I would bet on. The English club currently has a good form in the English Premier League as they won in the all 3 fixtures of the competition. While PSG eventually suffered from 2 lost result and two drawn result in the last 5 games in every competitions.

Le Parisien has a billion dollars squad but the performance of the Paris side is not that good apparently. They will have the service of Angel Di Maria, Neymar Jr., and Kylian Mbappe, and the best names like Marquinhos, Keylor Navas, and Danilo Peireira. Despite that, PSG has a bad streak of losing and drawing apparently, and it reflects that an expensive squad does not equal to an efficient squad. Against a team like Manchester United, PSG will have to be extra careful if they don’t want to drop points in England.

Meanwhile the front of Manchester United has scored a total of 11 goals in the previous four displays of them and showing that they can put the goal in the back of the net of any teams. In the previous clash, Marcus Rashford of Manchester United proved that the Red Devils could be so nightmarish against PSG when they got a space to dribble and to shoot.

Anyway, the chance for both team is still 50/50. But whoever leaves this clash with three points will have the ticket to the next round of UCL.

Predictions: Manchester 1-1 PSG.


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