Air purifier is not a dispensable item which prevents people from illness caused by pollution on our living space. As a result, the Luft Cube Portable  Air Purifier cannot be missed on the collection of health protecting features.

It costs $99 and it is possible to carry along and clean the air whenever you go. A USB Type –C charging cable, an air vent cap and rubber cup holder are also enclosed.

The machine is the combination of patented Solid-State Photocatalyst Purification technology and a UV LED light which removes mold, bacteria, odors, allergens and toxic chemical gasses. The purifier is still processing quietly and efficiently though there isn’t assurance whether it is 100% perfect.

Despite the attractive size and the powerful functionality, this compact item is costly. People consider that the size does not worth the price. Nonetheless, the way this tiny piece of technology cleaning pollution noiselessly with no bother would make your purchase become an excellent investment.

The form of Luft Cube

In the shape of cube with 3.14 inches on all sides, this device is convenient to be used on a desk, dresser, nightstand and your car. The size is also a plus helping users lay aside as well as take away effortlessly. Its most efficient operation is when working in the room with 10 feet by 18 feet. The smaller the space is, the better it processes effectively. The design is an advantage which allows it to draw air in from 360 degrees.

The power button is placed on the front side of the device. It is not easy to find though it’s quite glossy. The purifier will operate in the standard mode when tapping lightly on the power button once and tap one more time to turn it to the night mode and a third tap to turn off the device. Though the standard mode is seemed to be louder than the night one, it is almost the same. The noise is only be heard when TV or music is turned on. The night mode is a perfect choice for your sleep.

Luft Cube Portable Air Purifier: It is small but not a modest machine
The price and the size of this machine don’t match each other, but spending on this machine could be a wonderful investment. Photo: AFP

During the operation, the purple light will turned on inside the device along with the sound of the fan. The light is not so bright that distracts user’s attention, especially using at might. It can only be noticed by starring at the device.

The Luft Cube is designed without the filter. A small metal mesh filter set inside the purifier can be removed, cleaned with water, and got put back easily. User can get the filter out by twisting it in the direction the arrows are pointing then popping it out.

An experiment had been carried out which used it during the day and overnight to examine its’ performance. We found that the decline of dust on the surface it has been placed and the amount of dust collected on the metal mesh filter. The result proves that this technical piece still runs effectively though the amount of collected dust is not considerable. Luft Qi also said that this item could be work well for a long time without replacing the filter, provided that it is cleaned regularly.

The portability could be strengthened by providing a rechargeable battery without plugging in whenever using it. The charging cable comes with the box has a USB-A output which is suitable to be charged in most of standard car. However, it is necessary to use your own wall plug when using around your home.

In conclusion, despite the backwards which are the need of plugging in use, this tiny device still own several forwards, such as: handy factor, noiseless performance and easy cleaning.



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