Ference Puskas has been a phenomenal striker when he was playing, and his name was taken and used for an award of FIFA Puskas award.

Puskas award was created in order to honor the best goal of the year. From 2009 until now, we have observed several good goals scored and honored by this award. From the rocketing shot of Cristiano Ronaldo into the net of FC Porto in the quarter-final of the 2009 UEFA Champions League to the wonderful solo of Neymar in 2011, all goals honored by the award are beautiful and attractive.

The most recent receiver of FIFA’s award is Son Heung-min of Tottenham Hotspurs who scored a significant solo goal for his side in the English Premier League. Besides him, Luis Suarez of Atletico Madrid was honored for a goal he scored when he was playing for FC Barcelona.

Each year, this award of FIFA honored the most beautiful goal of the year, and obviously, no awarded goals were the bad ones. It does not matter who scores the goal but the beauty of it. Unknown names could receive the award as long as their goal is beautiful.

Below are the clips of Puskas Award Goals and how FIFA recreated these goals in their product.

For technical reason, those 3 specific clips can not be embedded into the page. Please click directly on the hyperlink to watch the goal.

Miroslav Stoch, winner of the award in 2012. Video: FIFA
Zlatan Ibrahimovic, winner of the award in 2013. Video: FIFA
James Rodriguez, winner of the award in 2014. Video: FIFA
Wendell Lira, winner of the award in 2015. Video: FIFA
Mohd Faiz Subri, the winner of the award in 2016. Video: FIFA
Olivier Giroud, winner of the award in 2017. Video: FIFA
Mohamed Salah, winner of the award in 2018. Video: FIFA
Daniel Zsori, winner of the award in 2019. Video: FIFA
Son Heung-min, the winner of the award in 2020. Video: FIFA

And below is FIFA recreation of those goals.


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