At the age of only 21, Ferran Torres has become the popular name in Valencia, where he graduated from, and in Manchester City, the club that he just moved to.

Germany and Spain is a big clash of European soccer, and whoever can score a goal in this match deserve to be called a star. Ferran Torres did it in the most recent showcase between the two teams, but he did not accomplish the task one time. He banged in the net of the famous goalkeeper Manuel Neuer three times and achieved for himself the first hat-trick with this national side. Here is the story of FIFA NextGen: Ferran Torres, a fast-tracker of the Spanish soccer and the rising star of Manchester City.

When we mentioned about a rising star like Ferran Torres, the best sources will be his former teammates and his former coaches. Nonetheless, some of his former teammates do not even remember the first time they played with Torres. “I can’t even remember, to be honest,” one of his former U-16 teammate said about Torres.

The striker of Manchester City has the same last name with a famous striker Fernando Torres of Liverpool and Atletico Madrid. Perhaps because sharing the last name with a famous striker, Ferran Torres also has a special talent compared to his teammates.

He made his debut for Valencia first team at the age of 17 in the season 2017-2018. Throughout the season, Torres has played for Los Che a total of 16 matches, a fairly good record for a young striker. He started his early career at Valencia solely as a winger, specifically a right winger. However, Torres currently played for Manchester City more often as a center forward, left-wing striker, and right-wing striker.

Reporters and specialists describe Torres more often as an old-school winger, but the player himself believed that he has more power than speed. “I also make good crosses, but above all, I would highlight my power and strength,” he said in an interview. 

Ferran Torres is a fast-tracker, a clinical striker and a part of FIFA NextGen
Torres showed that he adapted to new club quickly. Photo: AFP

Torres is a new star at Manchester City right now, as his coach, Pep Guardiola is also happy with the player. At the very first place, Pep had a plan to make Torres a replacement for Leroy Sane who has departed for Bayern Munich in the summer. However, after suffering from the lack of center forwards’ option in the early time of the season, the Spanish coach turned his new signing to a new position.

“We didn’t think about playing him as a striker. We wanted to play him as a winger for the quality he has the quality to score goals, in the one against one and his pace, but we have struggled a lot in the striker position,” Pep explained why he adjusted the position of Torres.

Probably, the Spanish coach is right with his decision since Torres has scored one goal for Manchester City when he played as a center forward. The Spanish player has also displayed for Manchester City 3 times in this position.

In the eventual showcase against Germany when he scored a hat-trick for his national side, Torres contributed for his team as a right winger, though. He shows that he is the most comfortable as a winger, and in this position, his soccer will be maximized in terms of performance.

During the last 11 displays for the Citizens, Ferran Torres scored 4 goals for himself, three of it was when he played as a wing striker.

Torres has a maximum performance of soccer when he play as a wing striker. Photo: AFP

Even though Valencia has sold the player to Manchester City in the summer, the authorities of the club is sort of pity that they lost the service of such an important player. “But the reality is we never, ever planned for Ferran’s departure,” Sean Bai, the academy director of Valencia, said. He is proud of the Valencia academy since most of players graduating from this place will succeed at the highest level of soccer.

David Silva, a successful graduate of this academy, is an example. According to Torres, Silva is an idol and a role model that the Spanish player wants to become. “When I started at Valencia he was enjoying his best time at the Club,” Torres said on Manchester City TV. “He was always an inspiration and then, when he moved to City where he has been playing his best football, I’ve always admired him.”

Torres moved to Manchester City and took after the famous 21st number of David Silva, but his role at the club is different from his predecessor. Instead of becoming a playmaker, Torres is assigned to become a winger and the replacement for the departed Sane. So far, Torres has been doing his mission softly well.

Ferran Torres is a fast-tracker, a clinical striker and a part of FIFA NextGen
Torres was a successful graduate of Valencia C.F. Photo: AFP

The Spanish player currently is enjoying his new team as the adaption still goes on the right track. Fans of the Citizens were doubtful about this signing at the first place, but they are pleased with him right now. There are more things that Torres can offer to Manchester City, and the best version of him can be brought out by Pep Guardiola. The player believed so. “Pep can bring out the best version of me,” Torres said.

Guardiola is haunted by the perfection, and definitely he wants to see the perfect Torres one day soon. As the Catalonian coach extends his time in Manchester, he will have more time with Torres. In the last three months together, he has experimented Torres in three different roles, and the Spanish coach hinted that he could employ Torres in a new role.

We will have the answer about Torres’ new role in the future, but right now, we all know that the young Spanish is enjoying his soccer under the management of Pep Guardiola. Ironically, they also have the same chef. The two of them seems to have a good time working together.



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