The legend of the boxing, “Iron Mike” Tyson is about to back into the stage of the boxing world this Nov. 28th when he clashes against Roy Jones. 

Two fighters are at their 50s, but the clash between them would not be an easy fight. For the first time after such a long time, “Iron Mike” Tyson is back with the boxing when he is going to fight against Roy Jones. Their fight will be held at Staples Center, Los Angeles.

At the age of only 20, Mike Tyson was the youngest World Heavyweight champion of the WBA (World Boxing Association), and the most dangerous challenge of anyone. Furthermore, at the age of only 16, Mike Tyson stepped inside the ring of boxing to compete with fighters who are much older than him. And till the day he dies, Tyson might still be the one who possess the strongest punch in the boxing world.

If Jones can’t survive the early punches from Tyson, “Iron Mike” will obviously win the fight. However, it is just the theory. Tyson has a more impressive CV and a record of holding the heavyweight belt in 3 years, but Jones is younger, fresher, and the most important thing, Jones has been competing in a longer period of time.

The 51-year-old fighter remains his fighting status through 2018, while Tyson has quit boxing in 2005. Even though the size disadvantage might cause him some trouble facing against a heavyweight fighter like Tyson, Jones has the speed advantage which can cost Tyson a result if the match lasts longer than one or two rounds.

Tyson and Jones will be an interesting fight to follow.

Brent Brookhouse, a commentator of CBS Sports, has faith in Jones more than Tyson. “What does a 54-year-old Tyson has at this point?” he said. “If they can’t actually try to hurt each other, as the commission has said, that would make it a fairly easy fight for Jones as he can use his speed and just pop off easy jabs and combinations and let his speed carry the fight.”

The two fighters are in their 50s currently, but this fight is not ta fun playground for the old guys. It is going to be a real fight as the commission stated “it is going to be 100 percent real fight.”

Tyson was the figure of the past when he was the undisputed champ and the symbol of success. But at this moment, he is facing a fresher Jones in the ring. “Iron Mike” is back with the boxing world after a while disappearing from it, and it is exciting to welcome his return.


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