With the points 76-76, 79-73, and 76-80 respectively from the judges, “Iron Mike” Tyson has a drawn result against Roy Jones in his comeback to the boxing. 

After 8 rounds of tough fight and powerful punches, “Iron Mike” Tyson has a drawn result against his opponent Roy Jones in last night battle in Las Vegas. Nonetheless, though the commission said that the fight was a real fight with real punches, the result of this fight does not matter. The battle between Tyson and Jones is a purposely entertaining fight.

The judges also agree with the result. One of them gave the drawn score, while one of them graded Tyson higher, and the other one marked Jones higher. The result of this fight partially reflected what has happened in the game. Tyson, as he used to be, joined the fight with powerful punches in the first and second rounds. The legend of the boxing world maintained high tempo of attacking throughout the fight, and he kept punching with a high intensity.

However, Jones was the one who controlled the match better, and it proved why he could hold such a beast like Tyson.

Tyson got some powerful punches on Jones. Photo: AFP

According to CBS Sports, Mike Tyson will receive $10 million after the fight. Meanwhile, his opponent – Jones – will only receive $3 million. The two fighters can receive a higher reward for this fight if the sponsorship from pay-per-view reaches the needed number. Tyson shared that he will use the reward from this fight for charitable purpose.

The match between Tyson and Jones is the main card event of the Frontline Battle which is held by Legends Only League, and the main purpose of this show is to let audience experience the matches between fighters are in their 50s.

Back with what happened in the fight, Tyson as usually stroke his opponent heavily in the first and second round. “Iron Mike” threw his powerful punches several times in the first round and nearly got Jones knock-out. But the 51-year-old survived the first round and pushed the fight to the final round, 8th round.

Both Tyson and Jones were squeezed out in the last round, and they nearly hug each other rather than fighting in this round. Besides money reward, WBC Frontline Battle belts will be sent to both Tyson and Jones as a gift for their contribution in this fight.





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