The impact of COVID-19 in Britain is overwhelming, to some extent destructive, but it absolutely won’t affect the EPL’s transfer window.

Clubs in the English Premier League will not stop spending big fees. COVID-19 has an influence to some extent, but the impact of it won’t change the usual flow of EPL’s transfer window. Big clubs in the EPL are still seeking big names and young talents to add to their club lads. 

Rumors and news about big transfers have been spread all over the place. Chelsea targets Declan Rice; Manchester City wants to seal their deal with Lionel Messi; while Manchester United could follow the talk with Aston Villa about the name – Jack Grealish. 

And the list of gossip is not done yet. Perhaps, it extends day after day. Apparently, Chelsea admits that they are targeting Dortmund’s Erling Braut Haaland. The same thing is happening at Arsenal as the club is said to receive the amount of 45 million Euros for getting new names this Winter. 

Clubs in the relegation zone, however, are not the outsiders. They are also planning to have a busy Winter Transfer Market. 

Sam Allardyce can ask West Brom for some new names.

Fulham, Sheffield United, Burnley, Brighton, West Brom, and also Crystal Palace are searching for new names. They are fighting hard to avoid the relegation zone, and for sure that we might see them make some addition to their clubs this Winter.

In the past, clubs in Premier League traditionally have spent big money in the Winter Transfer Window, and we should see the same pattern repeat. Though the same amount of money has not been used in each transfer market, the summary of them is all high value of money. The total spending on 2011’s Winter Transfer Window of the English Premier League is 225 million pounds, while the value of money on 2018’s Winter Transfer Window is 430 million pounds.

It would not be shocking at all, acknowledging another big investment into the transfer market this year. And as it has been said earlier, clubs in England are seeking new names right after the transfer market is allowed.

Some interesting transfer will happen, definitely.

We can see Haaland in a new shirt, and probably, it will be Chelsea.

Sancho can move to Manchester United, meanwhile, Haaland can join Chelsea in the upcoming time of the season. Clubs in the relegation zone can also add to their sides new names. What will happen is unpredictable right now, but we can assume that when this transfer window closes, another big investment from clubs of the English Premier League will be recorded.


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