Coronavirus turns traveling from a desire to a threat, and living in hotels, consequently is not as safe as it used to be. Staying home is the best way to stop the spread of the virus.

Personally, I am a traveling heart, and moving around has been a part of my whole life. However, the year 2020 makes traveling become a nightmarish experience since living in hotels is no longer a safe option. Even if you live with your friends, hotels are not safe to stay in. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention declared that sharing room with people not from your households is unsafe. Especially, the action can help boost the widespread of the deadly coronavirus. 

Living in Hotel that follow the safety regulations is needed.

Staying at a hotel where you encounter more people is seriously dangerous, according to the U.S.’ CDC. The riskiest option would be living in a hotel where the sleeping area is shared. Dr. Natascha Tuznik recommended that travelers should find hotels that offered a 72-hour buffer between guests.

Famous hotel booking app, Airbnb, requested host to follow the sanitizing regulation by Nov. 20th. The obligation includes scrubbing floors and other surfaces with soap and water, washing linens on high heat, disinfecting high-touch items like doorknobs, and ventilating rooms.

Medical specialists also recommend visitors live in a place where they can have more access to fresh air. Nonetheless, there were very few cases of reports related to coronavirus that is relevant to hotels. Not every hotel is safe for travelers, but most hotels engage a deep cleaning process since the outbreak of COVID-19.

If you plan to travel, please remember that the commonplace in the hotel is not safe at all. Using the stairs is recommended. In case you can not avoid that, please keep yourself safe. At the end of the day, traveling at this time is not a good idea at all.

via Reuters


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