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Hoang Dung passed away due to the effect of pancreatic cancer

Hoang Dung passed away.

After having been struggling with pancreatic cancer for a while, a famous Vietnamese actor – Hoang Dung – has passed away.

Hoang Dung passed away this morning, Feb. 14th, at the age of 65. He was famous for his role in a Vietnamese movie named “Nguoi Phan Xu” (The Judge).

The former actor was identified to have died because of effect caused by pancreatic cancer. He was struggling with cancer trauma in a long term, trying to overcome the disease but finally could not make it. Hoang Dung died in National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion.

During his last appearance in front of the crowd, Hoang Dung admitted that he could only sleep 2 hours per day, could not move out from his bed, and could not manage to finish his usual daily tasks.

Hoang Dung passed away
Hoang Dung passed away.

“I told myself that I got to keep myself being healthy, but I could only say it, not to acclaim it. This thing is likely appealing to a lot of people. I am doing the job that is my passion. It could be so tired and exhausting, but whenever I am in the studio, all of my tiredness disappears,” Hoang Dung said.

Actor Hoang Dung, real name Hoang Tien Dung, was born in 1956. He used to take part in several famous Vietnamese series like Ve Nha Di Con (Come home, daugthers!), Nguoi Phan Xu (The Judge), Nhung Ngay Khong Quen (The Good Old Days), Sinh Tu (Die or Live),…

In 2007, the Hanoian actor was honored as the National Entertainer and was the CEO of Hanoi Theatre from 2007 to 2017.

In the end, Times 24H is very sorry for the death of Mr. Hoang Dung. Rest in peace a talent! Goodbye!

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