After nearly a month without no new infected cases of coronavirus, Ho Chi Minh city recently has to declared the quarantine regulation for an apartment complex in district 5 related to COVID-19.

Vietnam has got through another streak of not getting any new cases of COVID-19, but the streak was once again broken. Ho Chi Minh city eventually diagnosed a positive case of COVID-19 in the city, and this case is living in an apartment complex of district 5. According to the Center for Control Disease of Ho Chi Minh city, after they found out a positive case of COVID-19, they quarantined some certain regions and searched for the close contact suspected people.

The citizen living in district 5 said that the medical staff had done the sterilization process yesterday and the quarantine regulation has been applied since 8 p.m last night.

This new case of COVID-19 in Ho Chi Minh city used to live with the patient NO. 144 in Myanmar before accompanying this patient to enter the nation disgracefully through the borders way between nations. This person was then caught by the border security team of Vietnam and was asked to follow the social quarantine in district 5.

The new case of COVID-19 is now treated at Cu Chi field hospital. His health status is stable for now although the patient is reported to have slight symptom of fever, coughing, and sneezing.

Cu Chi Field Hospital. Photo: Vietnam Net

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