With more than 80 millions infected cases and more than 1.7 millions deaths caused by the virus, COVID-19 has just set up a new milestone for itself.

We have no idea about COVID-19 at the first place when it was first recognized in Wuhan, China during this year, February. We still thought that it was normal thing, not the deadly problem for all of us, and then when it kept attacking with a more overwhelming power, we noticed it. Today, COVID-19 set up a new milestone after being haunting the human beings world for nearly a whole year.

It could not be worse.

COVID-19 was first found in China mainland, suspected to have been spread from an agricultural market in Wuhan. The virus was then a fast-tracking disease, hunting for lives in China mainland before expanding its effect to the outside world.

In the U.S., the first case of coronavirus was found in Seattle, Washington. And from there, it spread all over the place in the most powerful economy on the planet. Until today, the total of infected cases in the U.S. reached the number of 19.382.507. What a shock for a whole nation!

The United States is the largest infected region on the planet. But it was not the most dangerous infected region on the world. Actually, it is Britain that now is suffering badly with the new variant of coronavirus which is assumed to be even deadlier than the original virus.

This new variant of coronavirus was even found in Canada. The nation of North American region now has to restrict their flight banning to and from Britain.

In the other regions of the world, coronavirus has also been a huge nightmare.

Russia, Brazil, India, France, and Germany also have a huge number of infected cases and deaths caused by COVID-19.

Vaccination from Moderna and Pfizer are approved to be used but a huge vaccination for the whole world won’t happen any time sooner than the summer of 2021.

Moderna vaccine gets US approval
US Vice President Mike Pence gets vaccinated. Photo: Reuters

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