The Gala Dinner of TechTimes Editors’ Choice is only 5 days away. And here are a few reasons why you should follow the ceremony of TechTimes.

TechTimes Editors’ Choice occured since the beginning of December, 2020. And in about a month, the editorial board of TechTimes had to work twice as hard in order to list out the most well-deserved product to receive honor from TechTimes.

Several candidates nominate themselves to TechTimes, but the honors are only for a few of them. More than 14 brands accompany with TechTimes in the last month of 2020. And since then, they keep in touch with the whole team of TechTimes with the hope of winning the mightiest awards.

Finally, after a whole month of working hard, TechTimes is about to wrap up the most important award of the magazine.

The ceremony dinner in Jan. 8th will summarize all the hard work. Here are a list of reasons why you should follow this ceremony.

New format

Though the name of the award is Editors’ Choice, the main purpose of this award is to help consumers understand the pros and cons of each product. Editors’ Choice is built up solely for consumers and with the hope of guiding them to the products they are searching for.

There are several nominations for each award, but only one trophy is granted. The receiver of the trophy must be the most well-deserved one.

The advisor team

The advisor team of this ceremony is a collection of young and experienced people. And definitely, it is partially why people should follow this ceremony. We all will have a chance to enjoy some meaningful comments from experienced journalists. And these contribution for this award will be priceless.

Le Trung Viet is one of the outstanding members of the advisor team. Photo: TechTimes

Meaningful award

Editors’ Choice is not only honoring wonderful technology product. The award will also prioritize the contribution for the community from each product. In the end, the main purpose of Editors’ Choice is still about serving the society. TechTimes hopes that the award can help consumers approach good products in future. Besides, the magazine wishes that they can use this award to motivate brands to contribute for the community.

Well, it is more than just an award. Editors’ Choice is also an award for society.


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