The Department of Transport of HCMC suggested that they could build a new bridge at Tan Son Nhat airport which is believed to decrease the traffic jams at this location.

The department recommended that building a bridge for pedestrians or building an underpass right in front of the international airport in order to relieve the pressure of traffic jams. This solution is one of the solutions that the department of transport and the authority of Tan Son Nhat airport have both agreed on. HCMC authority is still progressing the paperwork for this suggestion.

From 14/11, the transport inside Tan Son Nhat airport has changed, and it accidentally created such transporting chaos. Building a pedestrians’ bridge or an underpass is believed to solve the problem.

TNS International airport might have a pedestrians bridge in the future. Photo: VnExpress

The new bridge will connect the domestic port to the parking garage TCP. This action will help TNS airport to decrease the pressure on traffic in front of the port. Four cars’ lanes A, B, C, D usually suffered from a large number of pedestrians which sometimes cause an accident. The authority of the airport will also equip new elevators for the port. Recently, there are only two lifts at the airport.

After changing the transporting flow, traffic jams at the airport has decreased but still at a chaotic level. Grab and Be, transporting services’ vehicles, can not pick up their customers in the normal car lanes as usual.

Consequently, the airport will provide customers with more guiders and security guards in order to re-organize the transport flow of the airport. In the upcoming year, TSN airport will welcome an expansion to its domestic port, and at the same time, the airport might introduce to the customers a new pedestrians’ bridge.

via VnExpress


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