Happy New Year to you all! The tough year 2020 has passed, and it is a good time for a new beginning. The year 2021 is unpredictable, but so far, we enjoy the dawn of a new year.

As a new year has arrived, we – the Editorial Board of Times 24H- want to say the simple but meaningful sentence to you all. Happy New Year!

We have been through the tough year 2020 with so many things happened. From forest fire in Australia to the global pandemic and then the deaths of several beloved celebrities, the year 2020 has already recorded as the darkest year of the new decade. The new year 2021 is so far unpredictable, and it is premature to say anything about it at this moment. However, we all know that it is going to be a better year for so many reasons.

Firstly, we know that COVID-19 is curable and the vaccination for it is on the way to patients. Many American citizens have been able to approach the vaccine for coronavirus, and they all will be vaccinated soon. At least, the daunting factor of the year 2020 is about to become history.

New Year’s fireworks in London.

It is good to acknowledge the rapid development of vaccination for COVID-19, but it is not the only good news.

Many sports tournaments will be available in 2021 after being postponed for a whole year. European Championship, Copa America, and the summer Olympic games in Tokyo, all of them will come back after being canceled off last year. Plans for these tournaments are still secret, but at least, we know that they are coming back.

And perhaps, the very last reason to be convinced that the year 2021 is a better year is that we feel clearer about the existence of the 5G signal. This development is the key to open a faster flow of Internet approach and a quicker transaction speed between people and nations.

In the end, the year 2020 has wrapped up, and we should start to forget about what has happened in the previous year. Let’s all forget about the forest fires, the global pandemic, the deaths of beloved people, and the natural disaster! It is time for opening a bottle of champagne and celebrate. Wish you all the good thing, from Times 24H’s Editorial Board!

Happy New Year!

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