Google Play Notifies Android Users When Apps are Collecting Their Data
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Google is now siding with users as it now attempts to help them protect their data. One big messy topic that has been surfacing a lot is how social media and other apps would collect user data and even sell the data for monetary gain. So Google is introducing a new feature that could make this harder.

Google Play Gives Android Users Notifications

According to the story by SCMP, Google noted that it will create a brand new safety section in its own Play mobile-app store that would allow Android smartphone users to see what certain data developers are collecting about them and share, plus even give access to other additional privacy as well as security information. This step is an attempt to notify their users and help make sure that they stay safe.

Android app developers reportedly have only until the second quarter of this coming 2022 to declare this particular information. This was according to what the Alphabet Inc. unit stated on Thursday in an official blog post. Users will reportedly start seeing the new safety section in the official Google Play sometime during the first three months of 2022.

Apple Discloses Data Collection

The new transparency push echoes rival Apple Inc.’s official decision in 2020 to compel the app-makers to disclose what particular information they will gather and what they do with what they get. Apple’s reported latest mobile software update, known as the iOS 14.5, would include an App Tracking Transparency feature.

The App Tracking Transparency feature would reportedly require users to opt into being tracked directly by apps to use personalized advertising. However, developers reportedly expect to lose revenue from this particular change due to most consumers not agreeing to have their personal data collected.

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Google Does Something About Data Collection

Google is actually dependent on its advertising revenue, has reportedly taken a more measured approach. The popular internet search giant is reportedly discussing how it can actually limit data collection and even cross-app tracking on the Android operating system in a certain way that could be less stringent compared to Apple’s solution, according to the report from Bloomberg.

The whole Google Play safety section will also reportedly tell users if a particular app actually goes to the extent of encrypting the data. The safety section will also make sure to follow Google’s policies for families as well as children. It also considers if users have a certain option of sharing information and if users might be able to request data deletion if they decide to uninstall an app.

With the increasing awareness of how certain apps collect user data, there is now an increase in demand for someone to do something regarding protecting the users’ data. Privacy is now a huge issue, and Google adds an extra layer to notify users.

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