Thursday, February 25, 2021

Garden Hill isolated: Another apartment being quarantined because of COVID-19


The apartment complex, Garden Hill of Hanoi, was asked to be isolated from yesterday after they found an infected case of COVID-19 related to this building.

Building A and building B of Garden Hill were all isolated from yesterday after the COVID-19 protection and restriction committee of Hanoi found an infected case of coronavirus related to this apartment. According to Lao Dong, from Feb. 7th, the COVID-19 protection and restriction committee has quarantined the building and built up an isolated barrier for this zone.

The apartment Garden Hill was sterilization, and all of its citizens have undergone the mandatory coronavirus examination.

Garden Hill is located in Nam Tu Liem (Hanoi) where 1.200 inhabitants are living in. After isolating the whole building, the committee of coronavirus protection and restriction will camp in the zone and secure this area in the next 21 days until there is any further notification.

Garden Hill isolated: Another apartment being quarantined because of COVID-19
A policeman built up a working camp. He and his team will stay around the Garden Hill apartment in order to protect for this building from COVID-19.

CDC Hanoi said that the infected case related to Garden Hill apartment is a woman (about 27 years old). This patient had closed contact with the patient number 1722 On Jan. 26th. Until Feb. 5th, she had some symptoms of the disease and was taken to the mandatory test for COVID-19. The patient was identified to be positive on Feb. 7th.

Local police and medical staffs will work together and continue to navigate more relation to this newest case of COVID-19 in Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi.

“Right now, CDC and medical staff of Nam Tu Liem are working together to locate another potential infected cases,” Mr. Nguyen Huu Cuong, president of the committee of people in Nam Tu Liem, said.

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