Lina Khan, the chairman of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says the agency should review the rules regarding the type of data companies collect. She also called on the agency to investigate how securely the data is handled.

FTC Chairman Calls for Reassessment of Data Collection Procedures and Security

Speaking at an International Association of Privacy Protections event, Khan said the notification and consent framework used by certain companies is “outdated and inefficient”. According to the FTC chairman, there needs to be a major paradigm shift with the FTC, federal regulators and Congress doing something about the problem of data collection.

The problem described involved the fact that consumers had to provide their personal information in order to access essential online tools used in their daily lives. Khan also asked whether the collection of data should be allowed indiscriminately, saying that some consumers do not even know when their data is collected.

Khan is known for his antitrust reform and advocacy related to major tech companies

According to CNET’s story, Khan noted that they believe that data protection and security should be approached with respect to material limits rather than the regular procedural protections. The procedural precautions were described as mostly resulting in process requirements rather than putting more emphasis on the fundamental questions of what kind of data should be collected and whether data collection should be allowed at all.

Khan is known for her antitrust reform and advocacy work involving Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Google and other Big Tech companies. In addition, the chairman has come under a lot of pressure from privacy experts regarding federal rules specifying which data companies are allowed to collect and how the data should be protected.

FTC chairman recognizes importance of rules

Khan has recognized the importance of those rules describing the commercial surveillance economy that revolves around consumer data. CNET’s article describes it as monetizing consumers’ personal data and creating a business model that promotes endless tracking and sucking of user data.

Khan’s other key comments were that the FTC should “take a multidisciplinary approach to enforcement” when it comes to antitrust and privacy. It was also explained that large companies can use their market dominance to leave consumers with no choice but to provide their personal information, despite not wanting to.

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Votes are needed to forward Khan’s rule making process

Khan has announced that new rules are being considered, but due to lack of votes, no official rule-making process has been launched yet. Should the votes turn out in her favor, new rules could be put in place to push her agendas forward.

If her plans go further, the chairman will most likely begin to establish rules about what personal information can be collected, and re-evaluate how the information is stored and protected.

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