A whopping 15.3 million concurrent players joined forces in the biggest and wildest event ever to fight back Fortnite’s Galactus while more than 3.4 million cheered on YouTube and Twitch. But what was it really about?

First and foremost, Marvel and Fortnite teamed up in the 4th season of the game and create the Fortnite’s Galactus event. The Galactus event of Fortnite was a special, one-time-only event where players battle the Galactus.

In the Galactus invasion, players were driving their own Battle Bus full of explosives while doing a Star Wars-like trench run with AC/DC blaring in the background. The event itself centered around the mighty Galactus making his slow emergence from the water, before basically screaming in player faces to let them know he means business.

Not impressed yet? Sit tight.

Picture this, it started with players hanging out on the Avengers’ helicarrier as a countdown to the event displayed on the screen.

Then once the event kicked off, the Marvel supervillain emerged out of the water and made his way towards the island before uttering the words, “Beware, I hunger.”

Galactus then attacks the helicarrier, sending players blasting into the sky.

And if that’s not epic enough for you, Iron Man shows up with a jetpack and guides players into battle.

Poster of the event

Things get really interesting and cinematic when Fortnite turns into a dogfight as players form an army of Battle Buses flying through the air, shooting down drones, armed with explosives to feed the supervillain.

Iron Man wasn’t the only Marvel representative, Thor briefly showed up to help, as did Wolverine, as it transitioned to an attack run that looked like something out of a Star Wars: Rogue Squadron game.

Galactus then sucks in the buses and cracks began to emerge throughout his body, causing green light to shoot out of his mouth and the cracks. He falls backwards and disappears through a crack in space, and the camera cuts to a phone ringing in the office as the Fortnite mascot character, Jonesy, can be seen waking up.

That’s then followed by a “to be continued in Season 5” message, along with confirmation that Season 5 will begin at 12 AM ET on December 2.

But of course, no matter how huge and how successful the event was to most of its fans, there are still those who aren’t so happy with how it was played out. The cinematics went over the roof, some were expecting to see more fight scenes.

Unfortunately, if you’re one of those who missed it, according to Epic, Fortnite will not provide a replay of the event.

Everyone’s giving their own reviews saying it was just fine, not that epic. But oh well, what matters more now is the confirmation that we’re getting a season 5 and it sounds bloody, Fortnite Battle Royale.


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