Why Tanya Roberts died was finally revealed earlier today. Comic Book confirmed that Roberts suffered from a urinary tract infection and passed away in the hospital.

The traumatic cause of death to the former actress Roberts was finally found. Why Tanya Roberts died was answered by her former representative. The late actress died after suffering from a urinary tract infection and though she was treated patiently by the doctors, she could not survive the tragic pain. She died at L.A.’s Cedars-Sinai Hospital last Sunday. Her partner, Lance O’Brien, received bad news about her beautiful wife early on Monday.

Roberts starting her acting career, playing roles in these movies The Love BoatFantasy Island, and The Beast Master. However, she only shined bright in 1985 after participating in the movie A View to Kill. She played Bond Girl in that movie, opposite Roger Moore’s role as Stacey Sutton.

Her final photo before she passed away. Photo: AFP

Her representative said that the actress died because of “a urinary tract infection which spread to her kidney, gallbladder, liver and then blood stream.”

People living near her admitted that they saw the actress suddenly fell into the ground while she was walking her dog on Christmas Eve. Roberts was in the hospital since then. According to some of her friends, an online ceremony will be held for her as the COVID-19 is attacking the whole nation of the United States with a heavy storm.

Besides A View to Kill, she also played in Silk StalkingsHot Line, and The Blues Brothers Animated Series. Mike Pingel, former representative of Roberts said that his heart was deeply hurt after the death of the late actress. He said that her online ceremony will be on soon.

“An online memorial for Tanya Roberts will be announced shortly,” Pingel said. “The family ask for privacy as they mourn her death.”


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