Square Enix is ​​nearly ready to wrap up development and release the latest story of its most popular action RPG franchise, Final Fantasy XVI.

Final Fantasy XVI was first announced in September 2020, with development led by lead director Hiroshi Takai and producer Naoki Yoshida. The game will be released as a timed exclusive on the PS5 before it is available on other gaming platforms.

According to Gamespot, Final Fantasy XVI will be out sometime around summer 2023 and will be followed by the release of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth in the winter of 2023, the second of the 1997 original game’s three-part remake project.

While no exact date has been revealed for the release of Final Fantasy XVI next summer, the official release date will be announced at the end of this year.

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Hiroshi Takai Teases Final Fantasy XVI Story Concept

According to game director Hiroshi Takai, Final Fantasy XVI currently has 95% development status in a recent interview with Famitsu.

“The current situation is that we play the game day after day, adjusting the rough parts and polishing the parts with flaws in execution or drawing,” Takai said upon finalizing Final Fantasy XVI. “The rest is bug fixing.”

In case you missed it, the hype continues to grow as Final Fantasy XVI recently released its first game trailer on October 20. According to the official Final Fantasy Youtube trailer, the game takes place 1500 years after the fall of Valistea and takes players to the warring nations that inhabit their lands, with massive battles between the Eikons, the summon monsters of the Final Fantasy games. . interesting, Final Fantasy XVI also features a prominent female protagonist.

In addition, localization director Michael-Christopher Koji Fox reveals that different types of media, such as: Game of Thrones and The Witcher It was referenced when creating Final Fantasy XVI’s character designs and narrative themes, as many of the development team are fans of this media.

Square Enix on Making Final Fantasy XVI

After the game’s initial announcement in September 2020, Square Enix began developing: Final Fantasy XVI later that year. After the game’s debut, the development team continued to complete game scenarios and “large-scale” resources such as boss battles and development tools.

In July 2021, producer Naoki Yoshida reported that the storyline was nearing completion and that voice recording for English and Japanese was in its final stages.

Destructoid reports that Final Fantasy XVI will include a story-focused mode with a slow-motion feature to aid players in combat and an action-oriented mode that allows players to customize their character and use the combat style freely.

Final Fantasy XVI will see the return of well-known Eikons such as Bahamut, Titan, Garuda, Shiva, Leviathan, Ifrit and more.

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