In the last episode of FIFA NextGen, we introduced to you all the next Korean pride, Lee Kang-in.

This time, we want to introduce you to the successor of Lionel Messi, Ansu Fati. 

Ansu Fati is the record holder of Barcelona and Spain’s national side. He is the youngest goalscorer of the Spanish national team, the youngest goalscorer of Barcelona, and the second-youngest goalscorer of the El Clasico-the classical clash between Barcelona and Real Madrid. And absolutely, he is the one who can take after the legacy of Lionel Messi at Barcelona. Welcome to FIFA NextGen: Ansu Fati.

When Ernesto Valverde gave Ansu Fati a chance to make his debut in Barcelona’s jersey at the age of 16, no one can imagine that this kid will fast-track into the starting-11 squad that quickly. However, Fati proved why Ronald Koeman, and his predecessor, Ernesto Valverde, have to give him playing time in the first squad.

Before joining the La Masia of Barcelona in 2012, Ansu Fati used to play for Sevilla youth academy where his family lived nearby. The talent from Guiné-Bissau then participated in the La Masia since his brother, Braima Fati, was already there.

Since his arrival in Barcelona, Fati’s career and his life changed completely. His amazing story at Barcelona started in August. 25th, 2019, when Fati made his debut for Barcelona and became the second-youngest player that has ever played for El Blaugrana.

Press and spectators immediately have to talk about the young guy from West Africa.

Ansu Fati became the attraction of the press at the very first time he wore Barcelona’s jersey professionally. He is the future, FIFA NextGen: Ansu Fati. Photo: AFP

Nonetheless, it is not the only surprise that Fati has introduced to the world of soccer. It took Fati just 6 days to score his first goal in La Liga which helped him became the third-youngest goalscored of La Liga and the youngest goalscorer of Barcelona in the history. At the age of 16, Fati lived in his dream.

Compared to his legendary teammate, Lionel Messi, Fati got for himself a better goalscoring record at the age of 16. Fati has already displayed for Barcelona in 14 games and 600 minutes. Until this time of the season 2020-2021, the youngster scored 6 goals and assisted 1 time. While Messi at the age of 17 only played for Barcelona in 9 games and 250 minutes, scored 1 goal and assisted 1 time.

Even though this comparision is ridiculous, Fati showed why he desearves a debut for Barcelona at the age of 16.

The young striker continued his amazing form throughout the season of 2019-2020, and in the season of 2020-2021, Fati remained to be an outstanding striker. At the age of 17, he received a call-up from the Spanish national team. He only needs six days to score his first goal for his national side, another record that the youngster of Barcelona has accomplished.

Fati showed a great potential at the age of 17. Photo: AFP

It is a pitty that Fati suffered from an injury in October and won’t comeback until the beginning of next year. Still, he is developing in a right track.

“I have never seen anything alike before,” Governor of Herrera, where Fati’s family used to live, said. “He passes the ball kind of like Michael Laudrup, and his dribble, scorring, and shooting skills, …. I have never seen any player like that before.”

This young guy is living a whole soccer life.

At the very first day with La Masia, Fati has shown that he had the talent to stay and play for the biggest club of Catalonia. Now, he is thriving at the highest level of soccer.

The youngster is resting right now because of an injury, but whe  he comes back, Fati will be the one to watch. The successor of Lionel Messi will be back with a powerful greeting.


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