Christmas and New Year are good times for traveling in the year. And if you are still searching for a destination, let’s take a look at this potential arrival: Fansipan.

The ending of the year is the best time to hunt clouds in Sapa, and Fansipan is the best destination for travelers to “collect” clouds. Being the highest mountain in Indochina, it is the favorite destination of travelers when they come to Sapa, a small town in Lao Cai-a province in the mountainous northern part of Vietnam.

Personally, it is also my favorite spot in Sapa. I have visited Sapa three times in my life, but I only got a chance to visit Fansipan one. That was an outstanding experience which I am sharing right now.

Hunting clouds is a unique activity at this destination. I understand that the activity sounds strange, but if you visit Sapa on the upcoming trip, don’t skip this activity! The cloudy season in Sapa last for 2 months, but some visitors admit that it is never enough for them. Hunting clouds is never getting old or bored for travelers.

Besides, if you think you can’t find any snow in Vietnam, Sapa, and specifically, the Fansipan might have you to think again. During the transition of December and January, you might have an opportunity to catch some snow in Sapa.

You can catch snow in Sapa.

Unlikely snow in the Western nations, snow in Sapa does not make the town that freezing at all. The atmosphere in the town is a wonderful balance between Spring and Winter.

Sapa is also the kingdom of flowers and trees since you can find several types of beautiful flowers in this town. The ruby red color of roses or the romantic purple appearance of lavenders, those flowers will make you want to stay in Sapa as long as possible.

Lastly, the mountainous town is the place of festivals and celebrations. At this destination, travelers could be able to enjoy a diverse variety of festivals. From the Spring Festival to the Flower Festival, Sapa has a collection of festivals that could please anyone.

Remember that you can have the best access to those experiences in Sapa at the Sun World Fansipan Legend Complex. One of the most convenient traveling complex and the most beautiful hotel option in the town. Hopefully, you have the answer for your next holiday.

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