A day after at least two Taliban officials were killed and 19 were left injured at a series of explosions in Afghanistan’s Jalalabad, another explosion took place on Sunday, in the same city, which is the provincial capital of Nangarhar and is 80 miles from Kabul.

Witnesses told news agency AP that Sunday’s blast targeted a vehicle of the border police, which is now run by the Taliban. Initial reports said five people were killed, including two civilians, among them a child. The Taliban were not immediately available for comment about possible casualties among their ranks, the report said.

Who are attacking the Taliban?

The target of the explosions, two days on the row, is the Taiban, reports have said as in both the cases vehicles carrying Taliban fighters have been attacked. Since Jalalabad is a stronghold of the ISIS-K, who claimed responsibility for the blast at Kabul airport on August 25, they are on the list of suspects.

Saturday’s attack was the first deadly blast in Afghanistan since the US withdrew its forces from the country, while Saturday’s attack proves that the Taliban are facing stiff resistance in areas under their control.

This comes at a time when the Taliban and the Haqqanis are at loggerheads with reports doing rounds that Khalil-ur-Rahman Haqqani had punched Mullah Baradar in the recent fighting between the two groups.

The attacks come amid apprehension that the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan would bolster terror activities in the region, though the Taliban have promised that they will ensure that the soil of Afghanistan is not used for any terror activities. US security experts have already alerted that al Qaeda has started activities in Afghanistan and will take a year or two to become capable of striking the US from Afghanistan. 

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