Emmanuel Macron is currently isolating himself and following the quarantine regulation of the French nation after being tested positive with COVID-19.

The president of the French nation, Emmanuel Macron showed no symptoms before was tested positive with COVID-19. Besides the president, Prime Minister Jean Castex also had to isolate himself since he was in close contact with the president.

According to l’Elysée, the president went through a test yesterday and unfortunately was diagnosed positive with the virus. Macron will have to isolate himself in 9 days before being tested for the second times.

Le Monde confirmed that though the president is suffering from COVID-19, his health at this moment is still fine. “He will continue to work and solve the paper works that are necessary. Also, he will keep distance with others,” Le Monde wrote.

The fellows of Macron also said that everyone living in France should be assured since their president is still healthy and will be able to overcome COVID-19 soon.

Brigitte Macron, wife of the president, joined him in the upcoming quarantine time. The lady of France also showed no symptoms, but she will follow the quarantine time and do her activities under the observation of medical staff.

Before getting the positive result with COVID-19, Macron and his wife accompanied some other politicians in a political dinner on Wednesday. Jean Castex, Richard Ferrand, François Bayrou,  Stanislas Guerini, Thierry Solère, Stéphane Séjourné, Christophe Castaner, Patrick Mignola, and Alexis Kohler were the visitors of that dinner.

Not only French politicians were affected, a Spanish politician Pedro Sanchez and Prime Minister of Portugal nation Antonio Costa are also being quarantined at this moment. All of them will have to follow 9 days of quarantine and a second test for COVID-19 before being able to announce the normal health status.

More information about Macron and his fellows should be updated soon.

Macron suffered from COVID-19.


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