Elon Musk now thanks the people and fans who took the initiative to start a petition calling on President Joe Biden for always failing to mention Tesla in his speeches. The petition reached the POTUS office, and after garnering more than 58,000 signatures online, Biden recognized Tesla as the largest EV manufacturer in the country, ahead of Ford and GM.

Elon Musk thanks online petition, fans for efforts for Tesla

Elon Musk is expected to get richer in 2022 despite not receiving Tesla earnings, analysts predict

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Elon Musk now thanked the online petition which spoke of President Joe Biden avoiding or acknowledging the company’s name in his “Made in America” ​​speeches. The CEO also said the petition made a difference, as there was no mention of Tesla in previous statements by the POTUS in the company.

“Made in America” ​​tells about the projects of the future that focus on the innovations of the US in various fields. It is mainly about electric vehicles and clean energy companies that take the time to recognize several companies such as GM and Ford for their efforts to contribute to the preservation of the environment.

Before the final speech or petition, Tesla never got the recognition or special mention of the event.

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President Joe Biden Recognizes Tesla as Largest EV Manufacturer

Several fans on the Twitter screen recorded an event and it testifies to a somehow historic event for Tesla and this is the POTUS recognizes the company

Here, POTUS Biden said Tesla is the largest electric vehicle manufacturer in the country and aligned himself with Ford and GM, whom he mentioned earlier.

Tesla’s relevance in the EV world now

Tesla brings many features to its vehicles, including those that allow it to meet the different country requirements for vehicles that the company would meet. One of them is the recently patented feature of a headlamp that adapts to the global standards and regulations of different countries, aiming to meet all needs with just one design.

Elon Musk’s clean energy company is still the number one manufacturer and company despite Ford’s top sales in the month. No other electric vehicle company in the world came close to Tesla with its sales and influence.

Tesla became a global staple electric vehicle brand and this is because the company has focused on this since it debuted in 2004.

Nevertheless, Tesla now faces many disputes, including that of the POTUS ignoring the company or failing to acknowledge its efforts to bring EVs into the limelight now.

However, the petition caused a stir and resonated with the White House, paving the way for the company’s national recognition after ranting online before.

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