Eduardo Camavinga scored his first goal for his national side when he was only 17-year-old. The now 18-year-old midfielder is the transfer target of European giants. 

Eduardo Camavinga made his debut for Rennes before his 17th-year-old birthday, and in the last 2 seasons, the youngster remains to be an important part of the French side. He even made his debut for the French national team last month when the midfielder joined the team for the UEFA Nations League matches.

He even scored a goal in the clash against Ukraine. It was an acrobatic finishing which was surreal for a player that was only 17th-year-old.

Camavinga is the second-youngest goal scorer in the history of France which is an outstanding record for the young midfielder. After that goal, Camavinga attracted the follow of the European giant clubs. According to the DailyMail, Manchester United, PSG, and Real Madrid are three clubs that will most likely spend money on Camavinga service.

The player does not confirm whether he will continue with Rennes or not, but at least, he says that he is happy with the French club. “It will be a pleasure for me to continue,” Camavinga said.

He confessed that he “see things and hear things from other clubs.” Likely to other talented youngsters, Camavinga is being followed and scouted immediately by giant clubs when he started to show his potential. Nonetheless, he is not distracted by the offers from big clubs.

Camavinga confessed that he “is at Rennes now.” “I know how to differentiate things. I’m at Rennes and the other clubs are not a topic for now. We will see later,” he said.

Cammavinga is on the list of some big clubs. Photo: AFP

After scoring a goal for the national team, Camavinga’s life has completely changed. He could not go out that much often, and he suggested that his rivals on the pitch have also changed. Opponents are more careful with the youngster of Rennes than a year and a half ago.

The player recommends that even if he faces more challenges on the field, he understands what to concentrate on.

PSG, Manchester United, and Real Madrid are following the player, and those giants are likely going to sign with him if Camavinga leaves Rennes. Despite that, the 18-year-old midfielder is only concentrating on his games with Rennes.

Offers are on their way to Camavinga, but the player doesn’t seem to notice them now. Perhaps, it has not been the time for moving yet.



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