The star of New Orleans Saints, Drew Brees, recently said that he has been thinking about a retirement at the end of this season of 2020-2021.

Drew Brees is thinking about a retirement seriously at the end of this season when his contract with the Saints expire. The Saints has no comments so far for Brees’ decision, but they hinted that they would trigger no extension on him and support the final move of Brees.

Head coach of Saints, Sean Payton, said that he had a back-up plan for Brees. A relationship between Payton and Jameis Winston is getting better, and this quarterback will be the future replacement for the veteran cap of The Saints.

In fact, the team of Brees has been well-prepared for a future without him, firstly with restructuring his contract. The wage for Brees has been cut down decently, from about $36 million to only $12 million. This dramatical drop shows that Saints intentionally wants to build a future without their cap. Formerly, Brees received over $78 million from the club and was one of the most valuable players of the Saints.

Drew Brees, star of New Orleans Saints, is thinking about a retirement
Drew Brees, star of New Orleans Saints, is thinking about a retirement.

This new deal between Brees and New Orleans Saints protects the club from any deficit threat. Even if Brees withdraws his retirement and stays with the side for another season, Saints only will have to pay for him the minimum wage for a veteran. Might he retire now, Saints could carry him until June. 2nd and split his dead money into two separate parts instead of sum them up.

Still, New Orleans Saints will have a lot of things to do afterward their current cap – Brees – departing. At least, Brees is competing with the minimum wage and it is a nice parting gift from the player. In the end, he is leaving the club with a pleasing atmosphere.


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