Thailand, one of Southeast Asia’s most picturesque nations, now allows travelers from all countries to apply for the Special Tourist Visa.

So if you’ve been itching to travel and spend the Christmas holidays outside of your home, this is the best time to travel to Thailand.

The Special Tourist Visa (STV) allows travelers to stay in Thailand for 90 days, and can be extended twice. It was previously only issued to people from “low risk” countries or where there are low numbers or coronavirus cases.

With the Special Tourist Visa, travelers can stay in Thailand for at least 90 days. (Unsplash)

To officially avail the STV, applicants need to show evidence of medical and travel insurance that covers the COVID-19. The insurance needs to cover at least US$100,000 in medical treatment and must be valid of the full length of stay. And yes, travelers must commit to a minimum stay of 90 days.

Upon arrival at any Thai international port, travelers with the Special Tourist Visa need to present proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR swab test taken within 72 hours prior to flight. All travelers will be given a second coronavirus test upon arrival. You will also need to present proof of payment for a 90-day accommodation booking.

Travelers must apply for STV at the Thai embassy/consulate in their home country, and then apply for the COE on the official Thai Government website. 

The STV is designed to help Thailand’s tourism industry bounce back.

Perfect holiday destination

Thailand was one of the first countries to detect a COVID-19 cases within its territory, but it was also one of the first countries to successfully curb the health crisis. With the Thai government’s fast and decisive actions in closing land and sea borders from foreign entry, and its strategic contact tracing, the country went for more than 100 days without new locally-transmitted cases and lives went back to normal in no time.

Culturally-rich Thailand makes for a great Christmas destination. (Unsplash)

It doesn’t come as a surprise that many travelers – who were forced to cancel their travel plans – are now including Thailand in their bucket list.

This friendly country, which many refer to as the Land of Smiles, has just everything a discerning traveler would want – tropical beaches with glistening white sands, postcard-worthy temples, lush forests, luxury hotels and resorts, incredibly tasty cuisine and welcoming locals.

From the capital Bangkok to the Chiang Mai and Phuket, travelers will never run out of things to do and see. And everywhere you set your foot into, Thailand and its people will just leave you in awe.

And now with the Thai government opening STV to all nationalities regardless of the coronavirus situation of a traveler’s country of origin, Thailand has just presented itself as the most ideal destination for the December holidays!

Honestly, we can’t think of anywhere better to spend a really merry Christmas than in Thailand.


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