Though it is still a rumor, Diego Costa can absolutely join Arsenal this Winter after his former contract with the Atleti was terminated.

The former Chelsea striker, Diego Costa, can potentially join their local rival – Arsenal. It is still a gossip, but it obviously can happen in this upcoming Winter Transfer Window. The Spaniard is no longer a part of Atletico Madrid as the club agreed to end his contract sooner and let the Brazilian-Spanish striker become a free agent.

Some clubs in the Serie A also expressed desire to have service of Diego Costa, but the striker might consider a comeback to the English Premier League. He could not join the other sides of La Liga since it is the obligated part in the contract he signed with Atletico Madrid.

The Spanish side will penalize the player an amount of 25 million Euros if he joins Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Sevilla. Therefore, a move to English Premier League or even Serie A will be more attractive to the former striker of the Atleti.

But what is ironic about his next move is that he is not allowed to join any teams that participate in UEFA Champions League. Arsenal will be a good stop for Diego Costa anyway.

Though the talk between two sides has not happened yet, it is a potential transfer for both of them. Arsenal will need an offensive boost for the rest of their season as they get through the next stage of the UEFA Europa League and will struggle with a heavy schedule.

Costa will be a good addition to the club of North London side. Despite being a former player of Chelsea – the local rivalry of Arsenal, he is a decently classy player and is useful for the club.

In the end, we still need to wait for more updates about this. Hopefully, Costa could find a new club soon, and perhaps, we could see him soon in the shirt of Arsenal.

Top 10 goal of Diego Costa for Chelsea. Video: Chelsea


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