It is not a pleasing feeling at all, recognizing the fact that the searching term “Arsenal lost” has become so popular recently.

Nonetheless, it is the consequence collaborated and created by several factors. Arsenal lost their fifth game in a total previous of 7 matches due to so many problems.

The lack of disciplined players is pointed out firstly. Then it can be caused, probably, by a lack of experienced coach like Mikel Arteta. But after all, the biggest problem might be created by the directors’ board of Arsenal.

Honestly, it is surreal to acknowledge that players at the class of Granit Xakha, Mohamed Elneny, and of course, the expensive Nicolas Pepe make it to the regular starting-11 squad of Arsenal.

Weeks after weeks and games after games, these players – somehow – manage to be in the starting squad. Arteta can trust Mesut Ozil, perhaps, but he refused to work with an unhappy member. And as a result, Arsenal with a lack of disciplined and experienced can’t rely on anyone. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang dropped his scoring form dramatically after signing the extension.

Without the best Aubameyang and obviously – the German Maestro Ozil, Arsenal struggled to find their way to the back of the net. Arsenal suffered the fifth lost last night, but it was already the seventh game of the English Premier League that they could not get 3 points.

As it has been mentioned before, Arsenal in the UEFA Europa League is totally different from themselves in the English Premier League.

Disappointed appearance of Mikel Arteta after receiving a defeat with Arsenal. Photo: Reuters

Mikel Arteta definitely has responsibility for this bad streak of Arsenal. His decision of eliminating Ozil and trusting youngsters have turned out to be a controversial choice. Arsenal can keep trusting their Spanish coach, but the Spaniard himself understands that a revolution has to happen this Winter.

Arsenal has to upgrade their squad, otherwise the qualification for Europa League next season will be a mystical dream.

It is understandable if a new striker will arrive at Arsenal in the next month of January, and maybe, a midfielder who is going to replace Mesut Ozil. The German midfielder can depart for a Turkish club or a club in China.

No one knows for sure where Ozil will come to, but he for sure will depart. An unhappy member like Ozil has been listed on the transfer list since last summer, and Arteta wishes that he could accomplish the transfer of Ozil as soon as possible.

And the German is not the only one Arteta wants to sell. Remember the names that have been called out above?

Mohamed Elneny and Granit Xakha are the other two players that the Spanish coach wants to sell. However, the decision belongs to the directors’ board who once decided to keep all of those players Arteta wants to sell.

Xakha and Elneny somehow were kept with the squad, and despite some of their shining performance in the English Premier League, they disappointed the Gunners more often than giving them the moments of cherishing.

Xakha can be sold by Arsenal. Photo: Reuters

Arteta has responsibility for the tactics and strategy, and whatever happens on the field. But after all, a soccer club is contributed by a lot of factors including the directors’ board and the players. So many times Arteta said sorry for his decision, but those who know Arsenal well recognize that the problem is not all under the name of Arteta.

It is partially the liability of players who have not wanted to fight hard and get better. Xakha several times put his team in danger due to his furious characteristic and lack of disciplined. The International Swiss star has not deserved at all the chance that Arsene Wenger has given him, nor he deserves a chance to be a part of the Arsenal team.

Why Arteta is still using him?

Honestly, besides Xakha, Arsenal can not find anyone better for the defensive midfielder position. And not only Xakha, Arteta seemingly has to use a decent amount of players that he doesn’t want to, and those things consequently lead to the bad streak that the club is suffering from.

Whether Arsenal choose to stick with Arteta or not, they still need a huge change in the upcoming winter time. Several new players are needed, and hopefully, things would change. Sacking Arteta will be an option if the bad streak extends to a new record. But as long as they choose to stick with Arteta, signing new players will be necessary. Perhaps, the change from the directors’ board is also urgent.


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