Da Nang used to be the largest infected region of Vietnam during the global pandemic time, but it is no longer the case. Da Nang now is supposed to be a good destination for your December Holidays.

What do you think about Da Nang at the first place? My Khe Beach, Ba Na Hills Wonderland, and InterContinental Da Nang Resort, all these three places might appear on your mind firstly, but it is not all about Da Nang – a beautiful destination for your December Holidays.

Beautiful beaches, delicious local specialties, and wonderful traveling location, all of these things make Da Nang become one of the most attractive destination in Vietnam.

However, Da Nang in the 1990s used to be a rural region of Quang Nam Province. It was not until the year 1996 that the government of  the Socialist Republic of Vietnam decided to separate Quang Nam and Da Nang into different parts. Da Nang was promoted into a city. The revolution of Da Nang city in the 1990s and the beginning of 2000s turned the city from a rural part of Quang Nam province into one of the most beautiful city in Vietnam.

Da Nang nowadays is the dream destination for foreigners when they come to Vietnam. Each year, Da Nang said welcome to at least 3 million visitors and this number is still rising higher.

The city provided visitors with several resorts option and 5-stars hotels selection. All of these choices are quite affordable for visitors as well. From the Ba Na Hills Mercury Hotel to the Intercontinental Da Nang resort, all of those option will please you when you come to the city.

Unlikely to its neighbor, Hoi An, Da Nang is energetic and dynamic, and I guarantee that it will please the energetic souls who love to enjoy the night life within the city.

Below are some top places for travelers when you come to Da Nang for this December Holidays.

Ba Na Hills Wonderland is a destination that you must come to when you are in Da Nang. Being named after a fruit that all of us know well – banana, Ba Na Hills provide visitors an atmosphere alike to Europe and makes you forget the fact that you are in the middle part of Vietnam. By the way, Da Nang is among the top 6 cities that has the highest temperature in Vietnam. In summer, the temperature of the city can reach to about 40 Celsius degree. Nonetheless, Ba Na Hills is the exceptional region in the city that is not affected by this temperature. Traveling to Ba Na Hills, you will have a feeling like you are in a city of Europe. Personally, I feel like I am in Seattle – a city that I has been living in for 5 years. Within the Ba Na Hills Wonderland complex, you will have diverse option for your traveling experience. A huge temple for your worship, an attractive park for your children to play in, or simply a private hotel site for your refreshment, whatever you are searching for, Ba Na Hills Wonderland will please you.
It looks like you are in somewhere in Europe, but it is not. You are still in Da Nang city, Vietnam, and this location is Thuan Phuoc Field. Actually, it is a studio for filming and photography. However, it recently says welcome to visitors. You will have a diverse scene options for your photography purpose, and no matter what you are searching for, the studio has options for you. From the church to the flower field, Thuan Phuoc field gives you the photography choice you want. Even if you don’t like photography that much, Thuan Phuoc field still somewhere you should visit. Just hanging out in that place to look for yourself a refreshment, maybe.
Non nuoc beach which is only 3 kilometers away from the center of Da Nang city. Non nuoc beach is a uniquely structured beach in Da Nang. A beautiful place for your refreshment that not so many people know.
Vinpearl Hoi An is a perfect traveling complex for your next trip in Da Nang. Affordable price and entertaining parks are what they offer to visitors Check this place out for your next trip.
Asia Park is located right in the center of Da Nang city so, if you are so lazy for moving around, this place will be your perfect stop. Several entertaining offers and a city view from the spinning wheels will attract you into the place and don’t want to leave the place. Besides, the cheap entrance price of it is irresistible.

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