A little version of Paris is the nickname that the Frenchmen have named for Da Lat, a city locating in the mountainous region of Vietnam, and it is going to be your dream location for the December Holidays.

Da Lat, the little version of Paris, is located in Lam Dong province – a mountainous region of Vietnam. During the beginning of the 20th century, Da Lat was the refreshment camp for French soldiers and French generals who lived in Vietnam serving for the colonizing purpose. And likely to nowadays, Da Lat during the French colonizing time was the destination for the December Holidays of French people living in Vietnam.

After the independence day of 1975, Da Lat was still able to conserve the French structures and reuse them for commercial purposes. 

Nowadays, some French structures were renovated and became traveling destinations such as and Da Lat college of construction and Da Lat college of education. Besides the old building crafted by Frenchmen, Da Lat possessed several unique constructions inspired by French culture. 

For instance, Dullys hotel located on Nam Ky Khoi Nghia street is created solely based on the French culture. From the outside to the inside, the hotel created a building that is French-ish. You recognized the Renaissance style existing inside that building and then you realized the French-style dress from the receptionists and the room service guys. 

During the colonization of the French nation, the city then was also chosen to become a center of botanical research and flower planting. Some special flowers and medical plants were successfully grown in Da Lat and became a popular source of revenue for farmers living in the city. 

Tulip flowers are an example.

Da lat offers a good environment for the development of botanical species. Besides, the city – as I have written above – is a refreshment destination for travelers who look for relaxation after a while of wrestling with stress. 

Let’s look at some decent stops in Da Lat. 

The romantic pinky grass field.
D’Lats Hot Spring.
Tuyen Lam Lake
Tea field in Da Lat.
Pine Trees Forest.
Strawberries field in Da Lat. Photo: Saigon Giai Phong
Lang Biang mountain.
Secret Garden in Da Lat.



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