Cloud migration company Cloud Nexus has transformed a higher education institution’s IT system to accommodate an entire faculty and empower hundreds of students to better use Endpoint Manager.

The Leeds-based company was approached by University Academy 92 in Manchester after they invested in Microsoft 365 and Intune and needed support to overcome the Endpoint Manager challenge that requires manual operation.

Cloud Nexus Team

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Endpoint Manager is an integrated solution for managing devices and securing data, both in the cloud and on-premises. With students studying both off- and on-campus, delivering guaranteed security compliance was key to keeping UA92’s internal infrastructure running smoothly.

Cloud Nexus worked with the operations team to find out their exact usage requirements before the academy got an Endpoint Manager blueprint.

The team was then able to present UA92 with a fully automated system for deploying new Windows devices at scale. All applications that staff and students need are now deployed automatically, without manual intervention.

Cloud Nexus ensured that provisioning, configuration management, and software updates for all endpoints were fully automated, allowing the system to operate seamlessly, saving the cost and time required for manual intervention.

In addition, each individual device now has a best-in-class security and compliance policy, protecting students and giving faculty staff peace of mind.

Scott Riley, founder of Cloud Nexus, said, “UA92 knew exactly what they wanted in a system. Taking the first step to centralize data and devices to Microsoft 365 and Intune is great, but for an IT system that works for so many people , ensuring the right solution to realize automation is vital and that is exactly what our blueprint envisioned.

“Endpoint Manager and Intune are often associated with large enterprises, and while they are of great benefit to these companies, the high level of security and automation is fundamental to the smooth operation of educational institutions.

“As many employees and students across the country continue to work remotely and hybrid, investing in both cloud and on-premises security is a priority. Decentralizing data in work and education settings means people have secure access to the resources they need. they need in their roles.”

Daniel Havercroft, digital services and innovation manager at UA92 said: “Cloud Nexus has helped us make Endpoint Manager work brilliantly, reducing major IT costs and streamlining everything. The service from Ben and the team was fantastic.”

UA92 is just one of many projects for Cloud Nexus, which is experiencing rapid growth. The Microsoft 365 and cloud migration company doubled revenue in 2021 and completed more than 180 individual consultancy projects supporting 125,000 users who adopted Microsoft 365.

Scott added: “More companies are recognizing the need for cloud migration and Microsoft 365 packages, but it’s the implementation of the systems that makes the investment fly. Like all new technology, adoption can have teething problems.

“This is something that our Cloud Nexus team minimizes by providing a blueprint for implementation and by being on hand to fulfill any additional needs.”

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