“I was trying to pay for the meals of the 6 National Guards I was eating, but it’s too late. Someone else already paid it. Good people live in Washington DC.” wrote by Tommy McFly, a resident of Washington DC. He tried to calculate the meals of the soldiers who were sharing three meals at two tables, but it was a step late. McFly is one among a lot people who wants to pay tribute for soldiers who has protected for Washington DC.

“Thank you for keeping us safe and defending democracy,” he added.

This is the situation reported by the US media. A family who was eating at a restaurant bought a drink as a sign of gratitude to the six members of the National Guard and they also replied with gratitude.

After a while, a citizen who passed by asked if he could pay for the meals of the National Guard and the group at the restaurant. He handed the credit card to the restaurant, finished the checkout, and went away without telling the National Guard.

It was after that time McFly offered to pay for the meal. The citizens expressed their gratitude for protecting Washington, DC, saying that they would pay for each other.

Jill Biden finds the National Guard with cookies. Photo: AP

A restaurant official said, “I want to be as kind as people can. It was really nice to see.”

25,000 National Guards were mobilized across the United States in Washington, DC as fears of violence grew ahead of President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Many times, they were caught sleeping in military uniforms on the floor of the parliament building or in a parking lot because they had no place to rest after work.

It is not only citizens who have expressed gratitude for the National Guard’s efforts. Regardless of the Republican Party and Democratic Party, lawmakers successively brought free pizzas and provided offices as a break room for soldiers who has protected Washington DC.

President Biden’s wife, Mrs. Jill, also visited the National Guard on the 22nd and delivered cookies to express gratitude. Mrs. Jill said, “I’m also a mother with a son of the National Guard,” and “Thank you very much.”

Former Delaware Attorney General Bo Biden, the eldest son of President Biden, who died in 2015, served in Iraq for a year as a member of the National Guard.


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