Christmas is perhaps the most beautiful time in the year, if you don’t want to say it is the best. It is the time for holiday, for family gathering, and for shopping as well. However, is it better to shop in-house or online during the special Christmas of 2020?

Christmas day and Christmas eve are only few weeks away, and since it is approaching soon, thinking for gift shopping might be in your mind right now. Although shopping in-house and picking up things for the holiday season are so mesmerizing, during a special year like 2020, people might choose to avoid doing so. Instead of shopping in-house for the holiday season, some households have started their shopping plan for Christmas virtually.

Usually, if customers are looking for good discounts and good sale offers, online retailers are what they often take a look at. In terms of offering sale price and good deals for the holiday season, online retailers is the undisputed champion. Since they can’t have a fancy store for displaying their goods to the customers, offering sale prices is a good strategy of these retailers.

Besides, there are some online retailers that also offer in-house shopping. Nonetheless, some in-house deals of these retailers won’t be at the same price with the online deal. Therefore, if you are about to purchase something for the upcoming holiday, please check it twice on the web site of the retailers.

Huge contributors such as Costco and BestBuy also offer both shop in-house and shop virtually, and the price of shopping in those contributors will be more consistent than shopping in the retailers. Still, consumers will need to check the price closely in order not to overspend for the holiday season.

Shopping in a holiday season is a necessity, but you should consider closely the benefit and drawback of shopping in-house and shopping virtually. Photo: Reuters

Shopping virtually will offer their consumers a better price, but the shipping cost will have to be considered when consumers use the service. Though this price will not be so costly, it is worth the consideration. Some consumers don’t like to pay any extra fees for their goods, including the shipping cost. Also, due to the effect of COVID-19, the arrival of your package could be delayed.

Despite the drawback, shopping online is still a good offer in the special year 2020. Since moving around and participating in crowded shopping mall are not good ideas, staying home and purchasing gifts for your loving ones sound attractive. You should also have a better variety of options when you shop virtually than when you do it in-house. The restriction of shopping in-house is that you are limited to whatever being displayed at the store.

And if the quality of the products from online retailers make you worry, you should put it aside. The checking process of online retailers nowadays are careful, cautious, and neat. You should receive the same quality of goods when you shop virtually compared to when you shop in-house.

Hopefully, these words can help you make the best decision of shopping for your holiday season. Wish you all the best! Early Merry Christmas to the readers of Times 24H!


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