Monday, March 1, 2021

Casugol expanded its presence in the ASEAN region

Casugol expanded its presence in the ASEAN region.

Casugol, a reputable academic certification provider, has continuously expanded its presence and collaboration in South-East Asia.

Casugol continued to create its impact in the academic training of the ASEAN region as they expanded their presence with Vietnamese and Indonesian partners.

On Jan. 2021, the academic certification provider Singapore has appointed Solmit Academy, Indonesia, and DTS Group, Vietnam as Certified Training Partner (CTP). This partnership is established in order to offer CASUGOL Certification Programs and Executive Workshops on Digital Transformation and Emerging Technologies to academies in Vietnam and Indonesia.

Casugol beforehand has put its presence in 38 different countries, and successfully certified/educated more than 5,200 professionals worldwide. And this development of the organization will continue afterward they appointed Solmit Academy (Indonesia), DTS Group (Vietnam) as a Certified Training Partner (CTP), and STMIK Bandung (Indonesia) as a Partner University (PU).

Eventually, Casugol has expanded their impact in Malaysia. Now they come to Indonesia and Vietnam.

These partnerships will strengthen the presence of Casugol as ASEAN leading certification provider in digital transformation and emerging technology training. According to the Singapore organization, the education of this major having already certified/educated more than 2,500 professionals from ASEAN countries alone. The main participants are largely from government agencies, statutory boards, multi-national companies, and education institutes.

According to World Economic Forum, ASEAN is the fastest-growing internet market in the world with approximately 125,000 new users coming onto the internet. The digital economy in this region is projected to grow significantly, adding an estimated $1 trillion to regional GDP over the next ten years. The global pandemic has further motivated the demand as businesses begin to adopt digital technologies extensively to tackle the radical changes happening.

Casugol representative explained the purpose of the certification in Digital Transforming.

To address the shortage of digital talent around the world, Casugol established a strategic partnership to deliver high-quality education on digital transformation and emerging technologies. All of their training is based on the latest industry trends and best practices.

All programs offered by Casugol are designed and endorsed by an Industry Advisory Committee (IAC) made up of leading academics, industry leaders, and major experts. The gap between academia and industry is also being bridged by the unique learning experience at Casugol which blends academic learning with the fast-changing industry needs.

The coming months are expected to be eventful at Casugol. Indonesia is expected to launch its first-ever batch of Certified Digital Transformation Professional (CDTP) international certification programs on Feb. 15th. Casugol will be launching Master of Applied Computing (MAC), a postgraduate degree with Taylor’s University, Malaysia, Feb. 26th, and have its certification program incorporated into Taylor’s University curriculum starting from March. 29th, 2021.

A former certified professional said tribute to Casugol.

Casugol will also be hosting an international conference, Future Tech: Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT) in March. 26th, 2021 with speakers from around the world.

Casugol will continue its outreach to communities worldwide cultivate a healthy pipeline of digital talents addressing the talent shortage and contribute to the sustainability of any digital transformation policies or initiatives worldwide.

Dwayne Ong, CEO of CASUGOL

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