CAKE officially has been launched for a whole week. A new way of transaction was introduced a week ago which is faster, easier, and more reliable.

CAKE focused on one big thing, making transaction as easy as eating a piece of cake. Honestly, following that slogan is not an easy task at all for a whole team of CAKE. The developers team of this app are fairly young, most of them have not even turned 30 year old yet. But for them, following a task like developing Be into a super app is an honor. Be truthfully wants to turn themselves into a super app, and with CAKE, the dream of them can be fulfilled.

However, Be did not work on this project alone. Accompanied them is a valuable teammate named VP Bank. The new project created by Be and VP Bank focused on these four following bullet points:

  • Transaction with fewer touches on the screen.
  • Creating a bank account in 2 minutes.
  • Borrowing money quickly.
  • And making fast payments.

Making payment after only 6 touches

Sitting on your couch and still be able to pay the bills is no longer a dream. With Be and VP Bank, you can make your payment right on your couch without needing to move. In a total of only six touches, your payment is… finished. It is surprised, but not at all a surreal dream. Be said that CAKE can help users acclaim a transaction with only few touches, and theoretically, Be believed that it would only take users six touches to finish a transaction.

Besides, you can create a bank account on CAKE in just two minutes. Personally, the editorial board of Times 24H has tried this process, and we all have to confess that the system of CAKE is more incredible than we have thought.

More than one time the phrase easy like a piece cake was repeated by Be’s representative. And it insured a fact that CAKE is honestly a good transacting system.

CAKE makes transaction become easier.

A super app that is really Vietnamese

Be wanted to turn themselves into a super app, and even representative of that company confirmed the fact. That is why in the last three years, Be has never gave up though the challenges for them were harsh and tough. Grab, GoViet, Vato, and Baemin have become their opponents, all strong opponents. But Be never quits. Perhaps, they continue to bounce back whenever the challenge is bigger and tougher.

Be said that what they are following is to make Vietnam nation a great company in transportation-tech industry.

Besides introducing their product, Be also showcased a colorful performance of Vietnamese culture. The company honored the Vietnamese culture throughout the launching ceremony of CAKE, proving what Be wants to follow. Be proposed their project with an outstanding performance focusing mainly on the development of Vietnam nation. Be announced on their press announcement that this product is modern but in a Vietnamese way.

CEO of CAKE alongside her business partners.

Be wants to challenge the barrier with CAKE

Mrs. Nguyen Hoang Phuong, CEO of Be said that although developing Be into a super app is a challenge, she and her team will accomplish that task. What Be is planning is a huge revolution. She said that only risk taker can succeed in the 4.0 era, and without changing, Be will die.

“According to a research, about 3-6% of Banks’ CEOs in the U.S. know a little bit about fintech, while 40% of their employees know nothing about fintech. Unfortunately, the leader of banking system in the future will be the specialist of fintech, who can lead the change and walk followers through the revolution success,” Mrs. Phuong said.

During the launching ceremony, Be also introduced to users Simon Wong who stood behind the project CAKE. He believed that what CAKE follows is the trend of 4.0 era, and they will succeed.

In the end, CAKE is challenging every barriers with a strong move and brief plan. CAKE has been launched for a week, and a long future of this app is still ahead.


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