“Afterglow” has been a hit on YouTube, and on music streaming sources. It is quite obvious why “Afterglow” of Ed Sheeran can make it to the top. The lyrics, the melody, and the harmony of the song, all of these factors are kind of perfect.

But “Afterglow” was not the only top hit of Ed Sheeran, nor the first love hit that the Englishman has ever sung. The English singer has a long list of love songs that he has made throughout his career and though each of them carry different message of love, they are all beautiful.

“Thinking out loud”, “Perfect”, “Shape of you”, “I am a mess”, … all of those songs created a strong reputation for Ed Sheeran as a love songs singer.

Definitely, it is arguably a thrash task to take – picking the top love songs of Ed Sheeran. Still, it is interesting to take a look at what Sheeran has done for the music world and honor his job. Below are the top 10 love songs that Ed Sheeran has ever sung in his career. And remember, not all of these options are your favorite song.

It is quite obvious why Afterglow is on this list though it is a very pretty new release of Ed Sheeran. Good lyrics, beautiful melody, sensational background, and what ever he does with his guitar, Ed Sheeran delivers a good song right after a year of taking a break. Such a good song from the singer. Video: Ed Sheeran’s Youtube
“When your legs don’t work like they used to before …” What a lyric that has been hummed several times by several people at several location. “Thinking out loud” is the breakthrough for Ed Sheeran, and since then, his career has been flying high on the sky of the music world. What an accomplishment for the singer. Video: Ed Sheeran’s YouTube
How would you feel when this song is here? “How would you feel?” of Ed Sheeran might not be the favorite song of every one, including fans of Ed Sheeran, but it is arguably one of the best songs sung by the Englishman. Tune into his YouTube channel and feel the song. Video: Ed Sheeran’s Youtube
The name of this song says everything about it. No hearts will break out here. Enjoying the song. Video: Rolling Stone
“One” is not that popular song of Ed Sheeran, but it is one of the most beautiful love songs that the Englishman has performed. “Tell me that you turn down the man who asked for your hands. Cuz you are waiting for me …” Look at that lyrics! Such a beautiful this one is. Enjoying it. Video: Ed Sheeran’s YouTube
A perfect performance of this duo. “Best part of me” described a not perfect but beautiful love story. The message of this one is pretty clear. You can be flaw, but it doesn’t mean that you won’t be loved. Video: Ed Sheeran’s YouTube
Photograph implies everything a love song can have. The lyrics and the melody of this song are perfect throughout the year. Video: Ed Sheeran’s YouTube
It is the perfect song for every weeding days. Smooth melody and meaningful lyrics, all of them combined and created such a love hit of Ed Sheeran. I usually tune in this song when I stay with my girlfriend and sing it to her. Video: Ed Sheeran’s YouTube
A different type of love in this song, but in the end, still love song. This song is about family love and will be a perfect option for family party. Maybe you can use this for your next mothers’ day. Video: Warner Music Japan
Barcelona, a city of soccer, a city of traveling, a city of love, and a name of a song. Ed Sheeran is the master of using strange name for his love song. And this one is one of the best example. Dynamic melody and powerful lyrics of this convince you to fall in love with it. Video: Ed Sheeran’s YouTube


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