Juventus was struggling badly against Fiorentina, and sadly, the home team received such a tremendously horrible defeat against the visiting team.

Dušan Vlahović shockingly scored the first goal for Fiorentina and helped La Viola get the lead against Juventus. It was a big surprise, but not the only shock of the game. Juventus then had to play with only 10 men on the field after 15 minutes from the leading goal of La Viola.

Juan Cuadrado suffered from a red card and was sent off from the ground. Then an own goal scored by Alex Sandro and then another goal created by former Juventini – Martin Caceres – ended the hope of an overturn from Juventus.

Beforehand the match, Juventus even received bad news of being regulated points and dropped to the fourth position on the table. Their legal controversy between Juventus and Napoli ended with the victory belongs to Napoli, and Juventus lost 3 points from a total of 27 points that they have accomplished. Though dropping 3 points was bad news, Juventus could re-earn 3 points if they overcame Fiorentina. 

Fiorentina did not win in the last 8 games and a chance for them to beat Juventus was a blue moon. 

Sadly, La Viola created a nightmarish display against Juventus.

Ronaldo could score a goal for Juventus, but it was not a day for him. Photo: Reuters

The first goal for Fiorentina was scored by Dušan Vlahović . Franck Ribery assisted a good through ball to put the Serbian striker in a good position to score a single goal. Juventus conceded a goal, but they did not give up that easily. They created several counter-attacks towards the goal of Fiorentina, but none of them was good enough. 

Then in the 18th minute, the Old Lady even lost a player when Cuadrado tackled brutally against  Fiorentina’s Gaetano Castrovilli.

Without the full service of 11 men, Juventus then lost the possession to Fiorentina. La Viola countered back, and they could cash in another goal in the 26th minute. Fortunately, Cristiano Ronaldo supported Juventus to maintain the balanced flow of the match. 

But it was not enough to help Juventus overturn the result. Sandro’s own goal and the mistake of Leonardo Bonucci cost Juventus a victory. The Old Lady received a shameful defeat, but it temporarily won’t affect their position on their English Premier League table. 



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