Don’t be surprise if count-down night will be shifted from physical to virtual. New Year’s Eve is coming, but it is not going to be a usual one.

In fact, we all should expect that the New Year’s Eve of 2021 will be a strange one, perhaps the most unexpecting one since 2000. But it is not that bad, at least, we are all welcoming the New Year with some cherish news.

The United Kingdom recently approved the usage of Astra Zeneca’s COVID-19 vaccination and a national vaccination campaign will be proceeded in the upcoming spring of 2021.

Vietnam eventually managed to tone down another potential COVID-19 wave. The F1 and F2 of patient number 1444 were all tested for the coronavirus and were transferred Cu Chi Field Hospital if they were infected.

And the count-down night still happens virtually instead of being absolutely canceled. Thailand, Japan, and other Asian nations confirmed that the count-down for the year 2021 still happen virtually.

Although the COVID-19 is still out there and potentially can be more dangerous with a new variant, some good news in the ending day of the year 2020 hint that we are going to have a better year. The year 2020 has already been the darkest year of the 21st century, and though it is the beginning of a new decade, it is likely a dawn of a revolution.

The year 2020 has boosted the development of vaccination research, encouraged the need of distance learning, and motivated the virtual conference – things that rarely happen before.

As the new year 2021 approach soon, the revolution that the previous year has introduced will definitely be continued.

New Year’s Eve is the time for celebrating, and for sure, we are going to have a strange celebration. We are not going to have a crowded count-down night anymore, perhaps, not within nations like Britain and the U.S. where the coronavirus is still a haunted nightmare.

However, we – at least – are going to have a brighter year 2021. The year of Bison is coming, well, just few minutes away from us.

2020 2021
Goodbye 2020.


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