Inter Milan won against Juventus in the most recent Derby Italia. Nerazzurri scored two goals against their opponent and claimed an important victory.

Inter Milan could not win against Juventus in the last total of 7 matches, conceding 5 defeats and got one point twice times. Inter Milan definitely wants to defeat their rival, but it was not an easy challenge at all. Juventus is racing for the Serie A trophy tournament, and a win is a must-have factor for the Old Lady.

Both team joined the last night match for big goals. Inter Milan wanted to end a bad streak against their rival and continued for the trophy race. While Juventus was seeking another 3 points to keep themselves on track for the trophy race. And so, the match began with a high-heated tempo.

But the fireworks interfered the match, postponed the game for about 10 minutes. Inter Milan and their opponent could not participate in the match, waiting for the smoke from fireworks to ease down. And when the two sides are ready, they jump into the combat with toughest challenge.

Just three minutes went by, Leonardo Bonucci of Juventus lied down on the field because of a pain on his face. Juventus was fear of losing their important piece of the defense. However, Bonucci remained to be healthy, and he continued to contribute for Juventus until the very last minute of the match.

Inter Milan won against Juventus
Vidal scored the opening goal for Inter. Photo: AFP

The Old Lady was the first team to find the back of the net. A good pass from Alvaro Morata, and it found Federico Chiesa well. Sadly, the former La Viola player could not score the opening goal. Cristiano Ronaldo, though, was able to find the net of Inter Milan. Nonetheless, his goal was then denied as the Portuguese striker was found offside.

Juventus could not score the goal, and they paid off their price for that. Inter Milan uplift the opening goal with a good header from Arturo Vidal. Nicolo Barella made a cross to Lautaro Martinez, but Vidal was the one who jumped highest and led the ball part away from Wojciech Szczęsny. Vidal did not have a good form in the first part of the season 2020-2021, but when he scored a critical opening goal for Nerazzurri against the Old Lady.

After the opening goal, the heats from both sides were even pushed higher.

What a balanced tempo of football was showcased by both sides. Inter Milan had another chance to score the extensive goal in the 16th minute. Vidal again was the threat maker. Unfortunately, the attempt of Chilean midfielder was not enough to lead the ball in the back of the net. Two sides kept good fighting spirits in the remaining time of first half, but no more goals were scored in that amount of time.

The high heat took part in the second half as well, but only Inter could take the advantage. This time, it was Nicolo Barella who scored the second goal for Inter Milan. Juventus was totally collapsed afterward this goal and could not make an overturn.

Barella scored the second goal for Inter Milan. Photo: AFP

Juventus finally understood the defeating feeling. Inter Milan, as they have defeated, jumped into the top 2 of Serie A and only behind AC Milan because of goal advantage.

Inter Mialn won against Juventus.

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