Xbox Series X Restock Schedule May 2021 Predictions: Target, Best Buy, Walmart, and More
(Photo : Screenshot From Xbox Official Website) Xbox Series X Restock Schedule May 2021 Predictions: Target, Best Buy, Walmart, and More

It’s finally May of 2021 and the Xbox Series X restock is still pretty hard to come by. The good thing is that with this new month, there could be additional restocks expected to come to some of the major online retailers. Although this is still a prediction and there is still no definitieve date as to when the stocks are expected to come, it is still a huge step for those wanting to buy the console.

Will the Xbox Series X Restock? 

With scalpers and the global chip shortage at play, purchasing the Xbox Series X stock online has been extremely difficult. Everytime new stock surfaces, in only a matter of minutes, the stock is then instantly wiped out. The problem sometimes with the Xbox Series X online stock is that they are sold in bundles.

Some gamers estimate that it would actually be cheaper to buy from scalpers than buying the bundles themselves. This, of course, depends on the type of games that players want to play. Generally, buying the Xbox Series X is extremely hard for those wanting to purchase the console at a fair price.

Xbox Series x Restock 2021

For those wanting to increase their chances of buying the Xbox Series X online, following Xbox Series X restock trackers on Twitter is very important. These Xbox Series X twitter restock accounts give notifications whenever new stock is available online. Depending on how fast the buyer moves, they might just be able to buy the new restock at a fair price.

Here are the new Xbox Series X May restock 2021:

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According to an article by GamingIntel, the new Xbox Series X restock could arrive as early as May 3 to May 9 2021. While this is still highly speculative, at least gamers still have time to prepare if ever they are planning to try out their luck in the next wave of Xbox Series X restock expected to come really soon! Although this is not guarantee, gamers might follow certain Xbox Series X twitter trackers for more information on the next wave.

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