Xbox Emulator Xemu v0.5 Now Allows Gamers to Play Halo! New Update Promises Better Audio, Graphics, and More!
(Photo : Screenshot From Xbox Emulator Xemu v0.5 Now Allows Gamers to Play Halo! New Update Promises Better Audio, Graphics, and More!

While platforms as recent as the PlayStation 3 or even the Switch are now running on pretty sweet emulators, the original Xbox has still remained something of a thorn when it comes to emulations. This is why it’s pretty cool to see emulators like the xemu making some pretty decent progress when it comes to Xbox emulators.

Xbox Emulator for PC

While some people don’t have a console, others would actually prefer to play emulated games on their PC through an Xbox emulator. This is actually pretty convenient especially for those that live in dorms and other places without living rooms or the luxury of rooms with enough space to play their console.

Playing emulated Xbox games on the PC just makes everything so much easier since chances are, the one using the emulator already has a comfortable setup. While the results of the emulator still depend highly on how powerful the PC is, generally, most PCs nowadays are already pretty advanced in technology especially if they were recently bought.

How to Play Xbox Games on PC

According to the story by Kotaku, the new xemu v0.5 emulator has just recently been released. There is a video that shows some of the included games that the emulator has no problem running like one of the classic Xbox exclusive games, Halo! The problem, however, is that there are a few games that are pretty unheard of so it’s really up to the player if they want to explore other games with the xemu emulator.

Xemu released the video on YouTube which looks quite promising. However, it is also using a lot of random/terrible games for a reason. It was noted that the majority of the console’s whole library still remains unplayable in the Xbox emulator. The video is sort of another progress video for the Xemu v0.5 and not technically a triumphant full release.

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Which Xbox Games are Playable on PC

If there is a particular multiplatform game coming from this current generation that gamers are dying to try out yet again on the emulator, it’s probably best for them to try looking for an older PS2 version since the emulation is already much better for the platform. However, if it’s another Xbox exclusive that gamers want to try out, the Xbox emulator is still trying to progress to that moment.

For those that are fans of classic games, however, playing them on the emulator is no problem at all. GBA games and other classic games can easily be downloaded and run through a number of different emulators already available online.

The newer the game, however, the harder it is to find on an Xbox emulator. As of the moment, gamers might want to lower their expectations until an official full Xbox emulator comes out. For Xbox gamers turned PC gamers, however, waiting for a full Xbox emulator could take time.


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