Windows 11 Hack to Bring Back Classic Windows 10 Start Menu has Been Eliminated
(Photo : Screenshot From Microsoft Website) Windows 11 Hack to Bring Back Classic Windows 10 Start Menu has Been Eliminated

Windows 11 hack that helps bring back the classic Windows 10 Start Menu suddenly been eliminated! Could Microsoft be really trying to phase out the Windows 10 Start Menu and replace it with the new Apple-like Start Menu?

Windows Start Menu Importance

According to SlashGear, changing the default Windows Start Menu has, for every time, proven to be a very controversial move. It was also stated that no other version has ever been really universally accepted by different users. Windows 11 system requirements are quite friendly and can run on most modern devices.

From the Microsoft Windows XP dual-pane layout all the way to the Windows 8’s somewhat tablet-like Start Screen to the newer Windows 10’s amalgamation of different designs, users have always been divided as to whether the new Start Menu looks better or worse compared to the previous one. It looks like the Microsoft Windows 11 won’t really be that different.

Microsoft Windows 10 Start Menu

According to the article, quite unfortunately, Microsoft already apparently removed the workaround that would bring back the other Windows 10 style Start Menu for those that do not really like the newest style. Directly next to the desktop itself, the Start Menu is also pretty much the gateway to Windows.

For those more seasoned users, however, the Start Menu will be a basic place where they can start and open everything that is installed or maybe saved on their PC. Of course, it also gained a lot more other features over the course of the last few years. Just like the Web and local search results, but this would also come with some other significant changes to the design.

Microsoft Windows 11 Start Menu

The new Microsoft Windows 11 Start Menu is not just a redesign. It is also a paradigm shift. While almost all of the previous Start Menus revolved directly around apps, the information density of the brand new menu makes search much more of a necessity compared to just a convenience.

As of the moment, Microsoft is perhaps presuming that everyone is already more familiar with searching for different things instead of having a more organizational structure. Due to this, Microsoft adjusted the popular Start Menu to that particular use case. Windows 11 has been receiving some harsh criticism even before launching.

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Classic Start Menu

Quite unsurprisingly, not everyone is really a fan of the design or even the concept. Quite unfortunately, there was another way to edit Windows’ infamous Registry in order to bring back the older Microsoft Windows 10 Start Menu.

The latest Windows 11 Inside Build 22000.65, unfortunately, removed that particular hack, according to HotHardware. This means that the Windows 11 testers will now be stuck using the shiny brand new menu. The Taskbar can still be quite left-aligned, which could then appease at least some clients.

There could, however, be a slim chance that Microsoft would provide an official toggle for users to switch between the newer Windows 11 and the more “classic” Windows 10 Start Menus.

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